Ace Hotel Kyoto reviews :”Japan TripAdvisor Best Hotel ” with its trendy and artistic ambiance

If you're someone who enjoys staying in new hotels, don't miss out on Ace Hotel Kyoto., with its trendy and artistic ambiance, Comfortable rooms, delicious breakfast, and the convenience of direct subway access Combining your hotel stay with the distinctive and cozy atmosphere of Stumptown Coffee is an experience that makes it truly unique compared to most hotels in Japan. It is definitely worth a stay.

Ace Hotel Kyoto features

Ace Hotel Kyoto is the perfect choice for those with a keen interest in architecture and design. Rather than simply a luxury hotel,it is dedication to various forms of art

  • Incredibly convenient

    situated right next to the Karasuma-Oike subway station, with the integrated shopping complex adjacent.

  • The first and only one in Asia

    Originating from Seattle, Ace Hotel has made its debut in Asia with this Kyoto establishment. The Stumptown Coffee on the first floor is also the sole branch in Asia!

  • Music and art are essential elements

    The interior design, crafted by renowned architect Kengo Kuma incorporates Kyoto's finest wood materials, blending traditional elements with the contemporary Ace Hotel aesthetic.

Ace Hotel Kyoto - Japan Hotels
3 distinct restaurants and the first Stumptown Coffee Roasters Coffee Shop in Japan.

Excellent location!

Located at the intersection of Karasuma-dori and Oike-dori, the hotel is situated on the newly refurbished and integrated commercial facility "Shin-Puh-Kan." Even on rainy days, you can easily access the hotel without getting wet.

Despite being in the city center, you won't hear the hustle and bustle outside, allowing for a peaceful stay,perfect for adults.

ace hotel kyoto outlook
The hotel's architecture is quite obvious
ace hotel kyoto location
while the sign of the hotel is relatively small

Co-located with the renovated historical building

Ace Hotel Kyoto is co-located with the "Shin-Puh-Kan," which was originally built in 1923 as the Kyoto Central Telephone Office and later transformed by renowned designer Kengo Kuma.

The selected brands are primarily focused on lifestyle and quality, making it a must-visit for those who appreciate home, fashion, design, and trendiness.Most of the brand are high-end!

including Pilgrim Surf + Supply ; Y.& SONS (a men's kimono shop) ; MAISON KITSUNÉ ; and BEAMS JAPAN, the first landing of BEAMS in the Kansai region.

Kengo Kuma style

The building designed by Kengo Kuma extensively incorporates wooden materials, allowing people to feel the warmth and harmony of wood.

As the first in Asia, it naturally attracts a lot of attention!

One of the charms of Ace Hotel Kyoto is its dedication to various forms of art during your stay. Every feature, from architecture to interior design, facilities, and eateries, is meticulously created.

For instance, there is a gallery space behind the hotel's staircase where you can discover unique artworks .

ACE HOTEL Kyoto artwork
Bright Japanese-designed artwork

Everywhere is irresistible for photo enthusiasts, like embarking on a treasure hunt.

Ace Hotel provides experiences that are beyond what you can typically encounter in your daily life. The concept of Ace Hotel is truly remarkable!!!

Ace Hotel Kyoto is filled with original art.

Prepare to be amazed by lobby design!

The ceiling of the lobby is adorned with Kyoto cedar, which combined with meticulously designed lighting fixtures, becomes a memorable feature of the hotel.

ace hotel kyoto is well designed
Ace Hotel Kyoto's atmosphere,is one of its most alluring features point!

Especially in the evening, the atmosphere here exudes a particularly romantic ambiance—it turns into an elegant and appealing atmosphere for adults.


Coffee shop also form Portland

Don't miss out on the Stumptown Coffee Roasters café on the first floor. Just like Ace Hotel, it is the only branch in Japan, or even Asia.

Imagine yourself in winter, clad in warm clothing, holding a cup of comforting coffee, and savoring it with your loved one in the romantic ambiance of the lobby.

You can also order a takeout coffee to the room.

Head to my room

The room keys are also a unique design,the elevators operate with card keys, ensuring high security. The design creativity is evident in the elevator buttons, with each floor represented by a different color to reflect current trends.

Upon exiting the elevator, you'll be greeted by a floor map designed on a fabric carpet, and later you'll notice that the signs throughout the hotel follows the same theme.

ACE-HOTEL-kyoto designs
Unlike other hotels with metal guide signs, Ace Hotel's signs is lively and welcoming.

Furthermore, cleanliness check stickers are placed at the entrance of each room, providing travelers with a sense of security regarding hygiene.

Unboxing Room

Room furnishings are simple, but the attention to detail is remarkable.

The headboard display the works of a Japanese stencil dyeing master, creating a visually stunning effect that stands out in the minimalist interior design.

The utensils and teacups placed in the room are also crafted by artisans.

ACE-HOTEL-kyoto room intro
Standard King(30 m²) The pillows and bed are softer. than normal business hotel in Japan.

The bed is also adorned with custom-made wool blankets from Pendleton.

ace hotel kyoto room bed

Take a look at these requests for the housekeeping staff: a mini broom.
If you don't want to be disturbed or need cleaning, hang this stylish broom outside to tell them room situation !

Moreover, the rooms are filled with musical elements!

A record player and vinyl records are placed in the corner of the bedside, allowing guests to choose and play their preferred records. (Many young people nowadays may have never used it.)

Additionally, each room is equipped with either a guitar or a Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

If you have specific requests, please require at the time of booking.

ACE-HOTEL-kyoto:A record player and vinyl records

Sheet music, for example, leaves a lasting impression by subtly incorporating the essence of music into unexpected places. Overall, you can feel Ace Hotel's desire to embrace music enjoyment.

Bathroom is designed with a cool all-black theme.

Bathroom is designed with a cool all-black theme. The toilet area is a fashionable space that combines warm wood and exquisite Genkan stone , creating a spacious, serene, and trendy atmosphere.

Genkan stone (commonly used for Go game pieces and inkstone)

The hand soap is from the soap brand "pearl+," which originates from Portland. It is a unique soap made by grinding pearl shells into powder and adding detoxifying charcoal, undergoing a 90-day cold process.


Ace Hotel's amenity policy aims to minimize the use of plastic products.
The toothbrushes are made of eco-friendly bamboo , and the toothpaste is in a flat, squeezable tube-like format (although may not be familiar to everyone).

makeup cotton pads, toothbrushes, and toothpaste are provided.

Ace Hotel's amenity
The amenities are also thoughtfully designed with eco-friendliness


The bathrobes are a collaboration with the Canadian streetwear brand Wings + Horns, made from organic cotton with sweat-absorbing materials.


Inside the hotel, apart from playing American modern-style songs, there is also rock and Latin music.

The hotel staff follows a casual style, and you can see that the design of the front desk is round style!!. It represents warmly welcoming travelers from all directions, different from the polite and bowing Japanese service commonly seen in Kyoto!

In addition, the design of the staff uniforms gives me a very friendly and approachable impression, without any sense of distance.


PIOPIKO Bar & Taco Lounge (2F)

Located on the 2nd floor, PIOPIKO Bar & Taco Lounge is an American-style restaurant that serves meals and alcoholic beverages.

It combines traditional Mexican cuisine with local ingredients from Kyoto and the surrounding areas. The bar offers a wide selection of alcoholic drinks, including non-alcoholic Mexican cocktails, allowing non-drinkers to enjoy as well.

I didn't have dinner here during my visit, and I should mention that the prices for dinner and drinks are quite high. I would suggest opting for a package without dinner and staying at the hotel. Alternatively, you can use UberEats and Wolt to order delivery.

Mr. Maurice's Italian (3F)

On the 3rd floor, you'll find Mr. Maurice's Italian, an elegant Italian restaurant that serves breakfast. It offers both indoor and outdoor seating options.

In the evening, the outdoor seating on the terrace can transform into a rooftop bar, providing a view of the illuminated courtyard of Shin-Puh-Kan.

My breakfast

You can choose from the following four breakfast menus when dining here: California Avocado Toast, American Breakfast, Continental Breakfast, and Eggs Benedict.(All of them include coffee/tea and orange juice. )

If it's your first stay at Ace Hotel Kyoto, I recommend opting for a package that includes breakfast, which is priced at 3,800 Japanese yen (Approximately 26 $).


The hotel also features a gym, banquet hall, meeting rooms, and a merchandise shop selling Ace Hotel-related products. Guests can also rent bicycles to explore Kyoto.

The gym

The gym, although small, is equipped with a decent range of equipment. It is open 24 hours a day, so you only need your keycard to access it.

You can exercise while enjoying a view of the courtyard facing Shin-Puh-Kan, providing a spacious and refreshing atmosphere.

Ace hotel kyoto gym
Ace hotel kyoto FAcilities

Merchandise shop

The merchandise shop, located near the front desk on the 1st floor, offers popular and unique Ace Hotel products, including special bath amenities ,and well-crafted bathrobes for the guest rooms.

In conclusion

If you enjoy staying in new hotels, don't miss out on Ace Hotel Kyoto. With its trendy and artistic ambiance, comfortable rooms, delicious breakfast, and the convenience of direct subway access, it offers a unique experience that sets it apart from most hotels in Japan.

Combining your hotel stay with the distinctive and cozy atmosphere of Stumptown Coffee adds to the charm. It is definitely worth a visit.

ace hotel kyoto japan reviews

Ace Hotel Kyoto FAQ

Ace Hotel Kyoto has an excellent location! It is situated right next to Karasuma Oike Station, a subway station operated by Kyoto City Subway. Nearby attractions include Kyoto Imperial Palace, Nijo Castle, Kyoto Museum of Culture, Kyoto International Manga Museum, and Yasaka Shrine,

The charm of Ace Hotel Kyoto lies in the opportunity to experience various forms of art during your stay! Wherever you go within the hotel, you’ll encounter numerous unique designs that are irresistible for photo enthusiasts, creating a treasure-hunt-like experience.

Ace Hotel Kyoto has a total of 213 rooms, and the hotel is positioned in the upper-middle range in terms of pricing in Kyoto. The dining options within the hotel are considered relatively expensive.

  1. It was selected as the “Travelers’ Choice®” Best Hotel in Japan by TripAdvisor in 2022.

  2. It is the only Ace Hotel brand location in Asia.


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