Banyan Tree Krabi reviews: A new coastal luxury resort in 2020 with paradise experience.

Discover Banyan Tree Krabi: An Exceptional Retreat with Elevated Standards in Environment, Accommodation, Dining, and Service. Ideal for Honeymoons, Family Vacations, and Relaxing escapes.

Banyan Tree Krabi reviews

An oasis of peace and quiet with a beautiful private beach and breathtaking scenery.
The Banyan Tree Krabi is a tranquil and luxurious haven that promises to comfort all your senses and revitalize your soul.

A true five-star experience experience!!

What to expect in Banyan Tree Krabi ?

  • Unique landscape and sunset

    The breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea sunset and the karst landscape!during sunset, there's a mesmerizing magical, shifting between shades of orange, pink, and purple during sunset.

  • All villa rooms with a private pool

    Villa-style rooms comes with a private swimming jacuzzi,guests can sunbathe in the sun, and it has an amazing view during sunset.

  • Instagram-worthy spots

    Especially lobby and Saffron Thai Restaurant in Krabi Instagram influencers to capture photos.

In-Depth Exploration of Banyan Tree Krabi

What sets the Banyan Tree brand apart from other hotel groups?

World's first villa spa

Renowned for pioneering the world's first villa-style spa centers, the therapists at the spa center have received extensive training, with 300 hours of specialized instruction, making it one of Banyan Tree Hotels' most prominent features.

Strategic Location Selection

The Banyan Tree Group is skilled at choosing hotel locations, and frequently moves in before a destination becomes a popular tourist spot. This allows them to secure the best scenic positions in those areas, which becomes a key focus in their hotel design.

For instance, Banyan Tree Krabi is perched on a small hill by the sea, taking full advantage of its natural surroundings. It's incredibly peaceful and relaxing here, making guests doesn't want to check out.

Location and Arrival

Krabi is renowned for its scattered islands in the sea, with around 130 islands of various sizes near the coast. Guests can enjoy the unique sea views of Krabi right from the hotel lobby lounge.

Furthermore, Banyan Tree Krabi is not far from Phuket, making it a convenient choice for those planning to visit Phuket,and you can travel to Phuket by speedboat if you want to.

Here are the main transportation options and prices from the airport to Banyan Tree Krabi Resort:

  1. Airport Luxury Van with a maximum of 5 passengers. THB 2,500 nett per vehicle per way.
  2. Grab Taxi: Approximately THB 1,000 (Note that Grab Taxi fares are several times higher than the usual prices in Bangkok)  

When I arrive Banyan Tree Krabi

There's a 24-hour security guard at the entrance, allowing only guests to enter.

From the moment you set your eyes on the way to the lobby, you'll undoubtedly let out a "wow" of admiration for the scenery. This place is also a favorite of Instagram influencers to capture photos here during sunset .There's a different charm to it day and night.

banyan tree krabi intro

The lobby

As you enter the lobby, your eyes will be drawn to the three large stones placed in the center of the lobby. On top of these stones and hanging above, there are translucent green stones, creating a gentle flowing water sound and a breathtaking view of the water curtain.

The lobby of Banyan Tree Krabi is not only beautiful in its scenery but also undergoes a transformation with changing daylight, creating various picturesque scenes. The view in front of you seamlessly integrate the unique karst landscape of the Andaman Sea into the hotel.

Welcome drink

The welcome drink is a special passion fruit beverage, accompanied by banana chocolate candies.

Considerate Service Details

From the moment you check in, staff make you feel that you are treated specially,and hotel staff being easily available 24/7 !

The Turn-down Service is superb!

Turn-down Service not only includes basically tidying up the room and placing some snacks, but also include lighting essential oil lamps and incense to create a relaxing and fragrant ambiance in the room.

The bed is neatly folded, and slippers are placed on the floor, another we got a lavender spray for our pillows,welcoming guests looking for a restful night.

Meticulous care

In the hotel, you can be driven around in golf cart which is very helpful when it is raining!

At night , while taking a stroll in the resort, I encountered a resort golf cart.Initially, the cart had its headlights on, but as soon as the staff noticed me, they promptly turned them off to avoid any light in my eyes. After safely passing by me, the staff turned the lights on again.

EVERYONE had a genuine smile on their face, remembered the little details about you, and was absolutely committed to ensuring you have the best time.

banyan tree krabi amazing scenes

Villas and Rooms

The room's interior design is primarily in white, with a clean and simple aesthetic.

It doesn't go for extravagant styles but in favor of fresh and elegant feel. It incorporates natural leaf-shaped ceiling fans, high-raised wooden roofs, and white walls to create a cozy living space.

Through the large floor-to-ceiling windows, you can glimpse your private pool and outside view, enhancing the overall sense of space in the room."

banyan tree krabi room intro
The white-themed rooms, along with the high ceilings and ceiling fans, exude a touch of Thailand's charm.
Welcome fruits are placed on a table in front of the bed.

Zone out in room

My room bed is connected to a desk, and on both sides of the bed, there are sockets and USB ports,What's particularly special is the JBL Bluetooth speaker. I connected my phone to the speaker and played my favorite music while taking a bath or reading, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Since I could use my phone to stream YouTube and Netflix on the TV, I made the most of my time in the room!

Room Facilities

The room includes a spacious bedroom, a large bathroom, and outside space with a pool and an jacuzzi. The bathroom is equipped with a toilet, a shower area, a bathtub.

Private pool

The villa had an amazing view over the ocean every time.
As the sun sets in the west, it's perfect for families, besties, or a group of friends to gather by the pool, have a drink, chat, and enjoy a relaxing and delightful afternoon.

Although it might not be suitable for actual swimming, guests can sunbathe in the sun!

banyan tree krabi private pool intro
(Left pic)Outdoor Jacuzzi, it is just the right size for 2 people.


The bathrooms are really spacious and well designed.

The bathroom features two washbasins, separated from the bedroom by a sliding door, providing ample space and ensuring no disturb to one another. This design allows one person to rest while the other takes a shower.

The bathing products are specially crafted by the Banyan Tree Group, and when I added bath salts into the warm water, it released a delightful floral fragrance, which was truly wonderful! Only a hotel brand renowned for its spa facilities can offer such a marvelous aroma.

banyan tree krabi room and bathroom

Amenities and mini bar

there's a small bar area stocked with alcohol, coffee, tea, cola, sparkling water, and a variety of snacks, so you don't have to worry about midnight hunger.

the dressing room offer both black and white robes that are soft to the touch, along with slippers, to ensure you won't mix them up.

The room provides electric mosquito repellents and mosquito repellent lotion, available for use when needed. There's also an environmental education card explaining the natural surroundings, helping guests gain a better understanding of the environment.

Since it’s placed next to a forest, there are mosquitoes, flies and bees that fly around from time to time.

Experiencing Banyan Tree Krabi: A Comprehensive Review
There are a lot of sockets in the room and JBL bluetooth speakers.


The hotel has 2 restaurants.Saffron, the Thai restaurant, delighted us with its delicious Thai cuisine, and the locally sourced rice was exceptional.

Naga Kitchen offers a variety of international dishes and serves breakfast as well.

The Naga Kitchen

The hotel's Naga restaurant offers a buffet-style breakfast for guests, and it serves as a restaurant for lunch and dinner.

The breakfast buffet at Naga Kitchen was exceptional! —a wide range of choices of different cuisines, fresh fruits, and bakeries. The menu was thoughtfully crafted, providing a balance of options for both vegetarians and special meat need.

It's clear that they've made an effort to attract a variety of international travelers.

banyan tree krabi restaurant

⭐Alcohol is free!

The beverage selection here is quite extensive, and in the morning, you can even enjoy sparkling wine. Additionally, there's a bar area where you can craft your own original cocktails.

Compared to other hotels, the drink options here are unique !
The cold brew coffee is delightful, and there's a corner for making cold-pressed juices, so I selected my favorite vegetables and fruits to prepare my own.

In my opinion:Don't miss the breakfast butter-fried steak and sea bass; both are incredibly delicious and a must-try if you stay here!

The menu offers a wide variety of options, including Thai and Western dishes, as well as options that cater to vegetarians and the dietary requirements of Muslims (Halal food).

Yes,there are a wide variety of egg dishes available for breakfast.

Saffron at Banyan Tree Krabi ( Instagram-worthy )

The hotel's private dining option perched among the trees, offering stunning panoramic views of the Andaman Sea. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Saffron Thai Restaurant in Krabi reviews
Ice cream infused with flavors of lime, ginger, chili padi, and cashew nuts , definitely amazed your taste buds!
banyan tree krabi Saffron Thai Restaurant in Krabi
Insta-worthy spot:Saffron Thai Restaurant in Krabi

Or you can go out to eat!

If you feel high price for the restaurant , I recommend go out to eat.
There are also some excellent restaurants nearby for you to explore after trying the hotel's dining options! Its 5~10 mins by TAXI and the front desk will sort it all out for you.

And staff recommend us “See the Sea”,“The Arundina

Hotel Facilities & Services

The hotel has complimentary kayaking as an activity,there are lots of activities to do (Yoga, Pilates, volleyball and even longtail boat tour)!

The beach in front of the hotel is quite shallow, and on sunny days, the water is exceptionally clear. The beachside bar is a relaxing spot to enjoy a drink while watching the sunset in the evening. The sunset is beautiful, and you can also take part in water sports like kayaking, SUP, and more.

Is it suitable for children?

Family with kids will also appreciate their wonderful kids club. It has a slide, ping pong table, super cute mini beach furniture + cabanas. Plus lots of fun daily activities to choose from.

Moreover, the pool is surrounded by lush greenery, providing some shaded areas. Therefore, I believe that children will have a great time playing here.

Banyan Tree Krabi FAQ

Banyan Tree is famous for its spa. And the design is based on “local, minimal development impact, natural, comfortable, and relaxing feel.”

  • Tubkaek Beach
  • Tham Bok Khorani National Park
  • Krabi International Airport(KBV)
  • Ao Thalane Pier
  • Location is a little far from main areas and night markets.
  • The private pool isn’t deep enough to swim.


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