Chapung Sebali reviews: ultimate Paradise in the Ubud Jungle.

If you're looking for the ultimate luxury getaway in Bali,seek no further than the Chapung Sebali hotel. This stunning resort nestled in the lush jungle of Ubud is truly the perfection of everything. Waking up to the misty mornings and sunrise over the valley is an experience you won't forget. The infinity pool, gracefully suspended above the forest canopy, is an absolute must-visit spot.

Chapung Sebali, Ubud Intro

Located in Ubud, Truly luxury boutique Hotel Chapung SeBali is seamlessly integrated with nature. From the overall decor, to the custom bathrobes

spacious rooms, assorted meals and amazing pool for a staycation getaway with your partner.

chapung Se Bali Resort introduction

Chapung Sebali, Ubud resort feature

  • All surrounded by jungle

    Here you can enjoy a sophisticated breakfast and lunch while overlooking the pool and valley from above.

  • Balinese-Scandinavian design

    It has a Scandinavian design, which is rare in Bali, but it matches nature perfectly.

  • Luxury staycation

    As a digital nomad, I saw a few people carrying laptop to remote work here and stay more than a week.

Chapung SeBali ,Ubud detailed reviews

⬆ Nestled in the heart of Ubud’s jungle, Chapung Sebali is a truly sanctuary.

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 Is the popular pool at Chapung suitable in rainy days?

In fact,pool is very cozy especially during the rainy season because it will be more ✨calming✨

As usual,pool can get very crowded after 2 pm. 
On rainy days, the hotel’s pool area transforms into an advantage as it becomes less crowded, offering hotel guests increased privacy and security.

You can confidently leave your belongings around when taking a plunge in the pool without concerns about overcrowding in rainy days.

Chapung SeBali Resort rainy day pool

⬆ The scent of rain in the jungle is the best; just look, there’s nobody around Jungle Fish Pool Bar!

 Potential disadvantages

  • I wouldn’t recommend this design hotel to people who just visiting Ubud for the first time, but I definitely recommend it to people who love Bali from the second time onwards.
  • There were a ton of stairs to get down there ,isn’t idea for disabled.

Chapung Sebali, Ubud Location

 Along a valley about 20 minutes from the center of Ubud, guests are surrounded by lush greenery, offering a perfect blend of tranquility and convenience.

Initially, there was a miscommunication with the taxi driver, and he misheard my request for “Chapung Sebali” and instead took me to “Champlung Sari“. (I’m not a native speaker 😂)


From that moment on, I can’t stop being excited.

As you pass through the reception, the terrace that spreads out on the premises will catch your eye.On sunny days, the contrast between the blue sky and greenery is pleasant and relaxing.

Chapung SeBali Resort greenery environment

⬆ It has a peaceful atmosphere with lots of greenery. 

Recently, the number of tourists from Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, and Chinese has been increasing in Bali, but it was also impressive that there were almost no Asian tourists.

Room Tour /Intro

Chapung SeBali lodging divide into suites and villas  :

Suites can accommodate 3~4 people(Deluxe Suites,Deluxe Pool Suites);
Villas  can accommodate 4~6 people(One Bedroom Villa,Two Bedroom Villa,The Residence)

Chapung SeBali Resort lodging

Deluxe Suites features high-ceiling living

The room I stayed in this time was a very spacious 60 ㎡ room called the “Deluxe Suite.”(No private pool)

If you wanna a private pool There is also a “Deluxe Pool Suite” room containing a pool.

Chapung SeBali Resort Deluxe Suites

⬆ It has a Scandinavian design, which is rare in Bali!

Balinese-Scandinavian uinque design

The decor is a paradise for design enthusiasts.Balinese-Scandinavian inspired contemporary Danish design with Indonesian architecture.

The use of dark, moody wood, slate, concrete, and volcanic black tiles creates a serene and cooling ambiance.

Chapung SeBali Resort Deluxe Suites room

⬆ Includes a bed and living space and loft space 

⬆ Large windows let in lots of natural light 

✨Morning is a magical, peaceful time. Everything wakes up and comes to life, but still calm and peaceful. In the morning everything feels different. ✨

Chapung SeBali Resort Deluxe Suites balcony

Scenic Dining Restaurant

The hotel has 2 restaurants; one for breakfast and one for lunch/dinner, both are great. 

Here you can enjoy a sophisticated breakfast,lunch and drinks while overlooking the pool and valley from above.

Chapung SeBali Resort restaurant

Breakfast in Jungle Fish Restaurant

Breakfast meal is excellent whether eating at the restaurants or having it delivered to the room,you must get the floating breakfast if you stay in a pool room.

Chapung SeBali Resort breakfast

The pancake was relatively unsweet, almost a little salty – together with the topping: strawberries 🍓, an indefinable cream, blueberries, crsipy crumble, mango puree and mint but a really successful combination 👌👌

Chapung SeBali Resort breakfast pancake

Jungle Fish Pool Bar and renowned pool

Chapung SeBali Resort POPULAR POOL

⬆ This pool is arguably the most popular place in Chapun Sebari.

Jungle Fish Bar is a popular open-air, split-level restaurant in Ubud, Bali, with a pool and swim-up bar that combines Balinese charm with modest mid-century Danish styling.

The menu has a great variety of snacks, drinks and meals. I highly recommend for you to try their “Chicken Popcorn” ,“Cheese Black Burger” and “sweet potato fries”.

Their Chicken Popcorn is really crunchy and the chicken is perfectly cooked and very juicy. Black burger also has a unique taste and gives a premium taste in my opinion.

Jungle Fish Pool Bar in Chapung SeBali Resort food

Spa & Fitness center

Chapung Spa

A spa experience while relaxing in the midst of nature is highly recommended.

Chapung SeBali Resort POPULAR spa

when I went to  chapung spa, my body was really sore and really tired because I couldn’t stay still every day going here and there. The therapists there are super friendly and really funny, so it’s not awkward to get a massage and they look really experienced from the way they treat me.

Chapung Gym

The fitness corner is open-air along the valley and feels really good. It was my first time visiting a gym that had wooden items like this.

Chapung Sebali, Ubud Accommodation FAQ Guide

What are the room options at Chapung Sebali?

Chapung Sebali offers a variety of suites and villas to accommodate different needs and preferences.

Suites can accommodate 3~4 people

  • Deluxe Suites(60 sqm)
  • Deluxe Pool Suites (80 sqm)

Villas can accommodate 4~6 people

  • One Bedroom Villa(300 sqm)
  • Two Bedroom Villa(500 sqm)
  • The Residence(600 sqm)

What Chapung Sebali,ubud features?

  • Balinese-Scandinavian is unique in Bali,it matches nature perfectly.
  • Suites balcony have jungle views ; villas are extremely spacious.
  • The popular public pool is beautiful and huge with forest view.
  • Restaurants All surrounded by jungle,Enjoy meal while overlooking the pool and valley from above.
  • Luxury staycation for digital nomad.

Does it far away from Ubud center? have shuttle service?

The centre of Ubud is around 15~20 mins away and we were pleasantly surprised that they offered a free shuttle!

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