Fauchon Hotel Kyoto reviews :The second FAUCHON hotel globally after Paris

Fauchon Hotel Kyoto in-depth reviews. "FAUCHON," the century-old luxury gourmet boutique from France, is a must-visit destination for travelers in Paris to purchase.Following its debut in spring 2021, the second FAUCHON Hotel made its appearance in Kyoto, allowing guests to experience the chic and stylish accommodations and classic culinary delights of Paris without having to travel all the way to France.!!

Fauchon Hotel Kyoto features

Fauchon is a gourmet brand originating from Paris, known for its products such as jams, teas, and cakes. Fauchon Hotel Kyoto is the first branch to open after the flagship store in Paris. Located in the heart of Kyoto, the hotel's interior design closely resembles that of the Paris flagship store .

Fauchon Hotel Kyoto JAPAN REVIEWS
Opened in Kyoto on March 16, 2021, becoming the second FAUCHON hotel globally after Paris.

Upon arriving Fauchon Hotel Kyoto

It is a Western-style hotel that doesn't resemble the traditional Kyoto architecture.

The atmosphere created by the hotel is truly unique—a luxurious lifestyle hotel crafted by Fauchon.

At the entrance, there is a magnificent staircase, and as I looked up at the ceiling, cherry blossoms were gracefully dancing on the walls and ceiling, creating a sense of fusion between Kyoto and Paris.

fauchon-hotel-kyoto interior intro
On both sides, there are pink sofas, and the carpet is also very stylish.

Check in floor

Check-in is at the reception on the 10th floor. Take the elevator to the 10th floor ! the front desk is connected to the bar.

On the central table, there are decorations of Fauchon macarons and tea. The welcome tea and dessert consist of apple tea and macarons.

Don't forget to take a photo sitting on the pink sofa and share it on Instagram!

Everyone was lining up to take photos, so I waited until there was no one around to take my own picture.

The macaron and tea offered as a welcome treat is absolutely delicious.

Head to my room

This is what the hallway looks like...! It's elegant and beautiful.
The carpet with the Fauchon pattern has a great sense of design.

fauchon hotel kyoto inner photos

The door hangers and room keys hanging on the room doors... The colors and typography are just too adorable. 🧡

fauchon l'hotel kyoto design photo

Room Unboxing

The hotel, which opened in March 2021, has 53 rooms, and each room is equipped with a complimentary Gourmet Bar.

The unique worldview of Fauchon Hotel creates a space where girls can forget about reality. I highly recommend it to those who love the color pink.

Fauchon LHôtel Kyoto , Japan room reviews
fauchon-hotel-kyoto pink features

Next to the television, there is a long pink object, which is actually a mirror that can be rotated.

fauchon hotel kyoto room facility
Fauchon hotel kyoto room facility :Fauchon's famed 'Gourmet Bar

⭐ Gourmet Bar

I believe the standout feature of Fauchon Hotel is its Gourmet Bar, which takes center stage in every room!

The Fauchon cookies and candies in the room are complimentary and include a variety of options such as cookies, pastries, macarons, and cakes.

The caramel cookies, in particular, are incredibly delicious,fridge is stocked with chocolates, and coffee and tea are provided to mix and match the desserts.

fauchon-hotel-kyoto every guestroom has the iconic Fauchon Gourmet Bar

There is a wide variety of teas available, including THE LA POMME apple tea, THE MELANGE FAUCHON citrus fruit and vanilla tea, THE UN SOIR DE FRANCE almond and orange tea, THE UN APRES-MIDI A PARIS rose tea, Earl Grey tea, and Darjeeling tea.

I'm glad that all these teas are Fauchon's own flavors.

Of course, it's impossible to finish all these desserts at once (it would gain weight so easily), so the hotel also provides an original eco-friendly bag.

If the desserts cannot be finished, guests can pack them back in the bag. The value of these snacks is over 75~80 USD! It would be such a shame if everyone doesn't take them with them!

Having a stylish umbrella is so adorable! This is an original umbrella from Fauchon Hotel Kyoto, priced at 5,500 yen (approximately 38 USD).

You can purchase it at the snack boutique on the first floor of the hotel as well.
However, when I wanted to buy it, it was already sold out.


The hotel offers 5 room types, and only the basic Classic Room does not have a bathtub, only a shower area. The other 4 room types all have a bathtub.

The bathrooms are equally exquisite, featuring glass-encased gold kimono-style textile screens, grey marble surfaces, monotone tiling, and vibrant pink lip-shaped soap dishes.

fauchon hotel kyoto bathtub

The bathroom has Fauchon shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel, as well as a facial mask! These amenities have a sweet dessert-like fragrance.

Additionally, the hotel provides its own original soap with a refreshing lemongrass scent.

fauchon-hotel-kyoto bath amenties

Even the hairdryer is pink, so I assume that it's a Dyson brand hairdryer inside, and indeed it is!


Fauchon Hotel's concept is "FAUCHON Meets Kyoto. Feel Paris." So, I highly recommend having at least 1-2 meals at the hotel (even if you're not staying there!).

The unique worldview of Fauchon Hotel creates a space where girls can forget about reality. I highly recommend it to those who love the color pink.


The breakfast at FAUCHON is a set menu, and in the morning, you can enjoy delicious salads and crispy hot bread while admiring the outside view.

fauchon-hotel-kyoto restaurnt

Croissant, chocolate bread, French baguette, country-style bread, rye bread, all paired with strawberry and rose jams.

Fauchon's jams are quite expensive, and I didn't have a chance to buy them myself, but they were truly delicious, I licked every bit of it! Coupled with the excellent service from the staff, I highly recommend it!

fauchon hotel kyoto breakfast


Dinner consists of delicate and rich French cuisine that incorporates Japanese ingredients, resulting in exquisite and flavorful dishes.

Afternoon tea

How can such a romantic hotel be complete without the beloved afternoon tea, adored by lady everywhere!

Bar (Fri , Sat avail)

"Le bar FAUCHON" is only open on Fridays and Saturdays from 16:00 to 23:30!

There are various Fauchon signature wines to choose from. After a long day of work, relax your body and mind against the backdrop of Kyoto's cityscape at sunset.

Hold a unique Fauchon cocktail or enjoy a glass of Fauchon's original rose champagne. This is the ideal place for you to unwind and refresh~

fauchon-hotel-kyoto restaurant and bar

Buy some pastries as souvenirs at Pastry & Boutique!

On the first floor, there is a shop called Pastry & Boutique that sells their own pastries as souvenirs. Everyone will definitely want to buy a lot of them.

Buy some pastries as souvenirs at Pastry & Boutique!

Pastry & Boutique sell cookies, chocolates, and other desserts that you can enjoy for free in the rooms.

fauchon-hotel-kyoto Pastry & Boutique!

I highly recommend their fruit jams as gifts, as they have a long shelf life, and the packaging is incredibly adorable! 🧡

FuFu Kyoto FAQ

Fauchon Hotel Kyoto has a unique concept and is filled with pink-themed designs, offering an escape from reality. As a result, the majority of its customers are women.

  • Female friends/travelers.
  • Couples on a romantic getaway or celebrating a special occasion.
  • Dessert enthusiasts.
  • Those who appreciate elements of Paris, including design, cuisine, and pastries.
  1. I was attracted by the pink and adorable atmosphere, so I made a reservation.
    Surprisingly close to the train station and not as expensive as I imagined!
  2. Such a cute hotel! Having all-you-can-eat desserts in such an adorable hotel feels like a dream come true for a child.
  3. The ambiance created is unique, and I am satisfied with the location, customer service, facilities, and price.
  4. The first-ever Fauchon hotel outside of France is in Kyoto! Even though I am a Kyoto local, I had to experience it for myself!

In fact, this article covers about 80% of my accommodation experience, leaving the remaining 20% for everyone to thoroughly enjoy and discover the beauty of Fauchon Hotel Kyoto .👇 Check out here! 👇

Fauchon Hotel Kyoto Hotel Location

Located on the Kamogawa riverside, offering beautiful views of Higashiyama. It is a 6-minute walk from Kiyomizu-Gojo Station and a 10-minute walk from Kyoto Kawaramachi Station.

I took a taxi from Kyoto Station and arrived in about 10 minutes.

Not only is it close to the bustling Shijo-Kawaramachi shopping district, but it also takes about 20 minutes on foot from the hotel to Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Ninen-zaka. So it's nice to take a stroll after enjoying desserts or a meal.


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