Fufu Kyoto detailed reviews : Each room has private Japanese hot spring 

FUFU Kyoto hotel is designed for those who seek to immerse themselves in hot springs and relax their body and mind, while also experiencing the unique atmosphere of Kyoto. The hotel offers charming rooms, comfortable hot springs, and delicious meals. The staff members are polite and maintain an appropriate distance, leaving a lasting impression. The abundant use of wood in the decor also creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

FUFU Kyoto features

Every room at Fufu Kyoto features a Japanese cypress bath filled with refreshing all-natural hot spring(onsen). the cypress bath is renowned for its soothing aroma, and in Japan.

Remember! In the city of Kyoto, where hot spring sources are scarce, having hot spring bath is truly a precious experience.

FUFU Kyoto aims to create the aesthetics, historical, and beauty of ancient Kyoto space.

Recommended for these travelers:

Although the price may be slightly higher in peak season, it will be an unforgettable stay for travelers. It is highly recommended for those seeking spiritual and physical healing.

Fufu Kyoto also recommended for special occasions such as anniversaries, celebrations, gifts for parents(even with 1-2 children).

Additionally, Fufu Kyoto is equipped with elevators, providing convenience for guests with mobility limitations.

FUFU Japan | Small Luxury Resort

FUFU Kyoto Pros and Cons

Arrive FUFU Kyoto

Upon arriving at Fufu Kyoto, you will pass through the entrance gate and be greeted by a quaint and picturesque garden. If you arrive early, you can spend some time in the garden while waiting to check-in.

garden in fufu kyoto
As you walk slowly along the stone pathway, you gradually enter an extraordinary world.

The check-in process takes place in a semi-private space separated by beautiful washi paper. During check-in, I was offered a delicious cup of tea as a welcome gesture. The welcome drink provided was pomelo juice.

The path to the room is filled with surprises!!

Even during the daytime, the corridors are dimly lit, creating a serene atmosphere.

The most appealing interior design is the unique design of plants, which adds visual delight and vitality to the entire hotel.

Room Introduction and unboxing

40 rooms in total , each equipped with a natural hot spring bath.

The staff will assist with carrying your luggage to your room, handle the check-in process, and give room explanations for travelers.

FUFU Kyoto has excellent English-speaking staff, highly recommended for overseas travelers.

Room type size people
fufu kyoto PRECIOUS SUITE room
fufu kyoto PREMIUM SUITE

FUFU's original fragrance

As soon as I opened the door, the delightful scent of FUFU's original fragrance filled the air.

Fufu Kyoto's fragrance theme revolves around sandalwood and cherry blossoms , while other locations in the group, like FUFU Nara, have an ink-inspired fragrance theme.

FUFU kyoto sandalwood and cherry blossoms
Upon entering, I was instantly captivated by a wonderfully fragrant scent.

⭐ Contactless Service

In addition, you can make various service and item requests using a tablet computer.

The staff will place items in a connected small cabinet to the corridor for guests to collect, eliminating the need for phone calls or face-to-face interaction with the staff to receive the requested items.

If you leave used towels, the service staff will replace them with fresh ones.

⭐ Private Bath with Hinoki Fragrance

As soon as you enter the bathroom, you can smell a faint and refreshing hinoki fragrance.

In terms of the spring quality, it is a pure hot spring (low permeability, alkaline spring). My impression is that it doesn't have too strong aroma.

The water temperature is set at 41 degrees, which might be a bit hot for children but suitable for adults.

FUFU kyoto hot spring with Hinoki Fragrance
A Unique Luxury of Soaking in Hot Springs in Kyoto City
FUFU kyoto private hot spring

If you choose the basic STYLISH DOUBLE room type, the bathtub will be circle.
If you opt for the spacious FUFU Deluxe Corner Suite, the bathtub will be larger.

The bathroom is warm

the washbasin is a single sink,but that can be comfortably used by two people. The bathroom floor has underfloor heating, so there's no problem coming here in autumn and winter.

The texture of the Imabari towels is luxurious and they have the characteristic of quickly absorbing moisture, preventing water from lingering in the bathtub and cooling the warm body.

The bath products such as shampoo and conditioner are original brands of FUFU. The scent of the amenities varies depending on each FUFU location. In Kyoto, it is the fragrance of sandalwood and cherry blossoms.

FUFU KYOTO shampoo and conditioner

Room Facilities

The bed, in collaboration with a renowned Simmons, was incredibly comfortable. The gentle lighting in the room created a warm, woody ambiance.

The television offered access to YouTube, Amazon Prime, and other platforms, allowing guests to connect their own accounts.

Room Amenities

Beverages with labels are chargeable.
The room is packed with a variety of beverages, including juices, carbonated water, still water, green tea, beer, and apple cider.

There are also several free packets of Kyoto's specialty roasted green tea. The Japanese-style iron kettle (tetsubin) is provided for brewing tea.

The cups in the room are meticulously crafted by artisans from Sghr, showcasing an elegant and tasteful style, which is truly stunning.

The remarkable aspect of Fufu Kyoto is the availability of three types of robes: loungewear, yukata (traditional Japanese robe), and pajamas. That bathrobe is so comfortable!

Dining experience at Fufu Kyoto:

Japanese restaurant, IOTO.

1.The restaurant is divided by decorative screens and curtains, creating a sense of privacy for other diners.

2.The breakfast Japanese cuisine not only delights the taste buds but also displays exquisite plating and utensils, providing a feast for both my eyes and palate.

3.The menu changes every month, offering a variety of dishes.

4.It's an elegant breakfast experience where you can enjoy the refreshing Japanese garden in the morning.

You can have unlimited servings of rice and miso soup for breakfast.
The most memorable part of the breakfast was miso soup. It was incredibly delicious, and you would want to have another bowl, as many times as you like.

The grilled smoked mackerel was fantastic, with the perfect combination of the fish's savory flavor and the sweetness of the radish.
Also you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea to refresh yourself after the meal.

FUFU kyoto miso soup for breakfast

If your package at FUFU Kyoto does not include meals!?

FUFU Kyoto offers flexible packages that exclude breakfast and dinner, allowing guests to explore the diverse restaurant options in the city. Apart from dining out, you can use UberEats and Wolt for food delivery.

Location,how to get there?

It is a 7-minute walk from Keage station of subway Tōzai line.The hotel is close to popular tourist attractions such as Nanzen-ji Temple and Heian-jingū Shrine.

During the cherry blossom season, the famous cherry blossom/fall leaves viewing spot, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, is within a walking distance of less than 10 minutes.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple famous spot in kyoto

And my top recommendation is to walk from the hotel to Nanzen-ji Temple, which is popular for its retro brick arches and is also known for its beautiful autumn leaves.
During the fall foliage season, it is illuminated at night, making it a perfect place for sightseeing.

Nanzen-ji Temple intro

Since breakfast is served at 8 am, you can enjoy your meal and then take a leisurely walk to Nanzen-ji Temple. which is within walking distance from FUFU Kyoto, opens at 8:45 am.

fufu kyoto near Nanzen-ji Temple.

Summary of my experience staying at FUFU Kyoto:

I believe this hotel is designed for those who seek to immerse themselves in hot springs and relax their body and mind, while also experiencing the unique atmosphere of Kyoto.

After all, in Kyoto, where hot spring resources are not abundant, being able to enjoy a private hot spring is truly fortunate.

FuFu Kyoto FAQ

1.They also have dedicated facilities for children, such as nursing rooms and child-friendly restrooms.

2..The room is equipped with children’s beverages, children’s yukatas (casual robes), and a trash bin for diapers. Using the tablet, you can request a variety of children’s items such as diapers, picture books, and playing cards.

3.While dining at the restaurant, I noticed that the hotel staff prepared children’s high chairs and coloring books to keep the little ones entertained. 

  • Convenient location (close to attractions like Nanzen-ji Temple and the zoo)
  • It has hot springs even though it’s located in the city center.
  • The Japanese food is delicious, especially the Miso soup.
  • It features a Japanese garden reminiscent of Kyoto.
  • Contactless service in the rooms.
  • The rooms offer a variety of local beverages and snacks.
  • The original bath amenities are fragrant and soothing, with a blend of cherry blossom and wood scent.
  • The views from lower floors are poor because the rooms are located in a semi-basement.
  • There is no open-air bath experience.

In fact, this article covers about 75% of my accommodation experience, leaving the remaining 25% for everyone to thoroughly enjoy and discover the beauty of Fufu Kyoto.👇 Check out here! 👇


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