Furano hotel ranking: Best Hotels near Furano Ski Resort and Furano JR station.

Furano is a popular place to stay in all seasons, from June to October for flower viewing and December to April for skiing. I have compiled a list of accommodations that are not too far away from the Furano Ski Resort, I use the Tier list to classify the accommodations that travellers often stay in as S, A, A-, B, C, D.

Popular Furano hotels reviews

I use a Tier list to classify the popular accommodations in Furano (hotels with at least 10 guest rooms). This ranking is a collective summary developed through discussions with fellow hotel enthusiasts. We visit Furano regularly every year and have stayed in various accommodations here.

furano hokkaido hotel ranking

Furano hotels:Rank S

A small, sophisticated hotel run by a winery.

📍The ski is less than 300 meters away from the hotel, making it a very short drive.

furano hokkaido hotel :Winery Hitohana Hotel
  • Ideal for wine enthusiasts. ― The main feature is the opportunity to swig various wines from local wineries in the hotel lobby. Selected soft drinks and coffee are also available.
  • Rooms offer great value for the price, with ample space to unpack skiing equipment and winter clothing from large suitcases.
  • The interior of the hotel exudes a sense of luxury, featuring equipment that rivals even mid-range hotels. Some rooms even come with an oven and a small kitchenette,making it suitable for extended stays.
  • It is strongly recommended that guests reserve a set meal for dinner : the dishes, including numerous vegetables and courses, are well-matched with the wines ordered.
After check-in, you can taste the wines of Domaine Raison.
Winery Hitohana Hotel WINE

Cost effetive hotel next to JR station,with iconic hotspring.

📍3-minute walk from JR Furano Station.

furano hokkaido hotel RECOMMEND :Dormy Inn La Vista Furano Hills
  • Feature as the name implies, is the natural hot spring on the rooftop.
  • Even the smallest room(19m²) with a small table for working on your laptop.
  • It’s recommended to take a stroll around the city for dinner. The surrounding restaurants offer not only Japanese cuisine but also Italian dishes and dessert shops.
  • Free Yonaki noodle service in the evening (22:00-23:00). This type of ramen features a light soy sauce broth and is consistent with other Dormmy Group hotels.
  • Breakfast at La Vista is a standout, featuring an all-you-can-eat seafood rice bowl. Other options include grilled shellfish, French toast, desserts, and cantaloupe.
La Vista Furano Hills HOTEL REVIEWS
You can check the 3 private spa's light to see if it's occupied.
There are even 3 private, free rent baths.

Furano hotels:Rank A

Where children and adults can enjoy themselves!

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📍2-minute walk to Furano Ski zone,about 10 minutes from JR Furano Station.

  • Offers a variety of complimentary services, from unlimited soft welcome drinks to ice cream and alcoholic beer.
  • Best for families with infants/children, as they provide children’s candy, sandals, diapers, and such as milk.The rooms also feature tatami flooring, which prevents children from falling , making it a best choice for families with kids.
  • The room space is spacious enough to unfold your luggage (However, the bathroom is relatively small.)
  • The barbecue dinner menu  is highly recommended. Each table includes  grilled seafood /Hokkaido dishes like Genghis Khan barbecue, Rumoi scallops, and milk. There’s even a children’s bar for kids!
furano hokkaido hotel RECOMMEND : Hotel Naturwald Furano
A wide range of welcome food such as roasted marshmallows and locally grown potatoes, beverage bars, ice cream

Newer Scandinavian-style accommodation and cost effective

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📍5 minutes from Furano Ski zone; 8 minutes from Furano JR Station; free car park.

furano hokkaido hotel RECOMMEND :Hotel Munin Furano
  • It opened in 2018, making it one of the newer hotels in the Furano area, and it’s relatively more affordable.
  • Guests can grind their own coffee and enjoy a variety of hot teas with different flavors, or indulge in three types of Furano wines or shaved ice – it’s truly wonderful.
  • There is also a locker for ski equipment, so you can bring large luggage in winter.

Most thoughtful accommodation in Furano.

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📍offers a shuttle bus service to 2 ski zone, Furano Snow Park and JR Furano Station (prior reservation).

furano hokkaido hotel RECOMMEND :Chalet Burlap Furanui
  • After skiing, adults can enjoy onsen (hot spring) and after indulging in soft/ alcoholic beverages and ice cream.
  • Also providing kids the opportunity to have a delightful time in the evening. the lounge is equipped with board games and video games (Switch, PS5, and XBOX).
  • The service is excellent, and I observed the staff assisting foreign guests with transportation advice, ski equipment rentals, dining recommendations, and English ski and snowboard lessons.
  • There’s plenty of free parking available, which is very convenient for families who rent cars or prefer self-driving for travels.
  • The basement has a ski equipment storage room with space for snowboards and bags, along with a waxing table.

Furano hotels:Rank A-

Newly Opened Apartment hotel near ski zone.

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📍 2 minutes by car to get to the ski cable.

furano hokkaido apartment hotel : Furano La Terre
  • What’s unique is that there’s even a balcony where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the beautiful scenery or simply relax on the spacious and comfortable bed.
  • The hotel offers four room types: accommodations for 2 people, 4 people, and 6-7 people in apartment-style units, all equipped with kitchens and washer-dryers, making them perfect for extended stays.
  • Meal can all be purchased at the Furano Farmer’s Market (Furano Marche), including Furano wines, cheese, Genghis Khan meat, and local dairy ….
  • The ski equipment drying room is spacious and equipped with numerous boot dryers, highly appreciated by long-term skiing guests.

15 types of hotspring baths, beautiful open-air baths

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📍15-minute drive from downtown Furano and the ski resort. The nearest sightseeing spot is Tomita Farm, where you can see lavender.

furano hokkaido hotel RECOMMEND :Furano La Terre
  • Hotel features hot spring with 15 types of baths, including 2 open-air baths that offer stunning views of the Tokachi Mountain – the scenery is truly spectacular!
  • The room types are quite diverse, ranging from traditional tatami rooms to twin rooms with open-air baths, as well as duplex apartments.
  • Next to the hotel, there’s a  supermarket with a wide range of products. Grab some drinks and snacks to enjoy in your hotel room!
Shikisai-no-oka's panoramic flower gardens offer breathtaking views.

In general, those who aren't primarily interested in skiing would benefit the most from visiting Furano La Terre, especially in the summer. Nearby attractions like the famous Furano Farm, Flower Land Kamifurano, and even further north, the "Shikisai-no-oka" (Hill of Four Seasons), are all highly Instagram-worthy spots.

Furano hotels:Rank B

Where most of the ski tourists stay.

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📍the "new" Furano Prince Hotel is closer to the Ningle Terrace!

Best Furano hotel for ski: Shin Furano Prince Hotel
  • The hotel has its own ski resort, which is very convenient for ski in/out. The ski summit connects to the Kitanomine Ski zone ,  Both making it easy to access from the hotel.
  • Surrounded by forests , allowing you to take a walk while enjoying the forest ambiance. Particularly, walking on the “Ningle Terrace”  (wooden walkways with log shop)   in the evening creates a fantastic atmosphere, giving a sensation of being lost in a fairyland.
  • There are four restaurants to choose from for dinner. Opting for the buffet is recommended, where guests can indulge in an all-you-can-eat feast of crab. For breakfast, there’s a self-assembled seafood bowl and omelette for you to savor.
Best Furano hotel for ski: Shin Furano Prince Hotel

Even during the summer, staying at this hotel allows guests to enjoy the picturesque greenery Visitors can take leisurely strolls in the forest, explore the nearby golf course, vibrant gardens, and indulge in hot springs. Additionally, the hotel offers a variety of activities to choose from, such as hot air ballooning.

Ideal for golf lovers.

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📍 The hotel is located on a hill, about 15 minutes from downtown Furano.

furano hokkaido hotel reviews:Furano Resort Orika
  • Overlooking the vast Furano Basin and the Tokachi Mountain.. Even if you don’t play golf, you can relax and enjoy the greenery in front of you.
  • Waking up in the morning and pulling back the curtains ,with the chance to witness the sacred sight of the combination of sea of clouds and sunrise.
  • Everything in the mini bar is complimentary! Soft drinks, juices, and several cans of beer are provided.
Furano Resort Orika reviews
The view from the room was beautiful, with the sea of clouds visible at dawn.

Rating has risen after the Covid-19

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📍About 5 minutes to the ski zone ,with convenient parking,also a shuttle bus to the ski zone.

furano hotel reviews: Hotel Edel Warme
  • Despite the initial Google rating of 3.8 before staying, the overall experience was better than I expected.
  • The dining experience was quite good, especially the tender and delicious Furano pork 😋. The staff consistently ensured that the food was replenished and kept hot. For breakfast, the menu for the second day also had some changes compared to the first day.
  • The dinner feature  French meal made from locally sourced Furano ingredients, is highly recommended.

Furano hotels:Rank C

Children under the age of 6 are not allowed.

📍 The location is somewhat remote, is a major drawback during the winter.

  • Lavender fields spread out in the summer, and you can take a cart ride through the seasonal gardens and forests.
  • In the afternoon, you can experience the Nordic “Fika” style afternoon tea, enjoying hot tea paired with desserts.
  • Bath amenities are infused with the scent of lavender, specially created for the hotel by the Hokkaido brand LAUREL.
  • Limited to guests aged 6 and above, it’s suitable for couples who want to enjoy the romantic summer scenery and French cuisine in Hokkaido.


Cheap hotel next to JR Furano Station

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📍Facing the west exit of JR Furano Station. It is easy to visit even in bad weather and convenient for train.

furano hokkaido hotel :

Suitable for travel with parents, cheaper than Prince Hotel.

👉 Agoda

📍3 mins drive to ski area.

Hotel Bell Hills reviews
  • It’s suitable for traveling with parents to stay here. The buffet uses a lot of Hokkaido ingredients, and the taste is good. The price is also much cheaper than the most popular Prince Hotel, so it’s very welcomed by families.
  • Spacious public bath and outdoor hot spring bath offer lavender hot water, allowing you to relax and relieve fatigue.
  • The ski equipment locker room is spacious and provides plenty of storage space.

Furano hotels:Rank D

Generally, the hotspring hotels in Biei are not highly recommended by Japanese friends, so they are given a grade below D.

Hotels like Hotel Park Hills,Taisetsuzan Shirogane Kanko Hotel and Yuimoto Shirubetsu Onsen are all more or less the same. Among these three, Biei Yumoto Shirogane Onsen Hotel is slightly more acceptable.

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📍Although the location is remote, there are two buses a day to and from Furano and Biei stations

Yumoto Shirogane Onsen Hotel reviews
  • Famous waterfall (Shirohege no Taki) is nearby, and during winter, there’s a free shuttle at 7:30 PM to Shirogane Blue Pond where you can enjoy the illuminated Pond.
  • The good parts are the hot spring is really nice to soak in, the food portion and taste is good and the dinner menu is different every night.

However, I must say that it was the worst ryokan experience travelling to Furano, Hokkaido!!!! The hot springs sometimes have a lot of insects or moss, and some guests reported that the smell of smoke was very strong.

Furano B&B (with fewer rooms)

During the peak season finding quality hotel accommodations in Furano has become a challenge. In contrast, Furano offers a diverse selection of guesthouses (B&B), providing not only comfortable lodging but also integrating elements of rural landscapes and local cuisine.


The newly opened AIR FURANO in 2023 features only six guest rooms, and the owner and his wife warmly welcome travelers with their friendliness.

Hotel Hanafuji Inn has incredibly high ratings. If you don't rent car you can arrange a station shuttle. They will also recommend restaurants and attractions. Even for vegetarian guests, the inn provides satisfying vegetarian breakfast options.

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There are no TVs or radios, allowing for a more spacious design that focuses on the idyllic scenery. What's most unique is that this small 4-room guesthouse even has a communal bathhouse, which you can use whenever it's unoccupied.

Temporarily forget about the ski life in Furano and take some time to recharge your soul.

👉 Agoda

Furano hotel /ski hotel FAQ

Furano is a place where you can appreciate the natural beauty of all four seasons. 

In the colorful summer, various flowers such as lavender bloom, offering a vibrant landscape. You can also engage in outdoor activities.

In the winter, you can enjoy winter sports like skiing. Additionally, it’s a popular tourist destination known for being a filming location for TV dramas, attractions like the Forest of the (Ninguru Terrace), vineyards, ski resorts, and many other romantic spots.

The Furano ski resort is renowned as one of the top ten famous ski resorts in Japan, and it’s also a ski-in/ski-out resort under the Prince Hotels group. This allows you to easily wear your skiing gear and enjoy the and thrill of skiing right from the hotel .

Bringing children to Furano is available, as the hotels here offer a variety of child-friendly facilities, including even all-you-can-eat desserts and beverages that kids love.

Most people who come to ski in Furano choose to stay at the New Furano Prince Hotel because the hotel is directly connected to its own ski resort and is also connected to the Kitanomine Ski Resort.

  • Exclusive Ski Resort: The hotel has its own ski resort, making it very convenient for beginners. It’s also connected to the Furano Zone and Kitanomine Zone ski resorts, allowing guests to easily access different slopes.
  • Charming Forest Landscape: The hotel is surrounded by captivating forests, particularly on the “Ninguru Terrace.“featuring wooden pathways and log houses shop. This setting invites guests to take peaceful walks in the woods, especially in the evening when the atmosphere is enchanting, 
  • Diverse Dining Options: With four restaurants to choose from, the hotel provides diverse dining experiences. The buffet option is recommended, offering an abundance of crab and other delicacies. Breakfast includes customizable seafood bowls and omelets, providing guests with a rich dining selection.


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