Discover the Best Japan apartment hotel:A Guide to Mimaru’s 25+ Locations

Choosing a hotel in Japan can be a challenging task. Many accommodation options in Japan have relatively small rooms, making it difficult to find a spacious room. Mimaru rooms are a perfect combination of Japanese and Western experiences in Tokyo,Osaka and Kyoto. Now if you're traveling with family or a group of friends. that's why Japan apartment hotels 「Mimaru」 are popular among international travelers.

Mimaru: Must-Stay for Family and Group Travel

MIMARU, a Japanese apartment-style hotel brand, offers spacious apartment rooms with kitchens for families and friends to stay together.

Since the relaxation of entry restrictions, the number of bookings from overseas guests at MIMARU has increased four to five times, has returned to the level of 2019.

BEST japan apartment hotel :Mimaru all 25+ spots in Japan
Japan apartment hotel 「Mimaru」 are popular among international travelers.

In the post-pandemic era, Japan apartment hotels have gained popularity for intimate gatherings with close friends, medium-term stays, remote work, and other new purposes.

People worried when traveling with friends/family in Japan

"MIMARU," a Japan apartment-style hotel that provides a relaxing and homelike experience, completely solving the above-mentioned issues!

japan apartment hotel:Mimaru INTRO

👇I have written Mimaru in 3 big cities 26 spots detailed review! 👇

📙 Mimaru in Tokyo 15 spots (Click me)

📙 Mimaru in Kyoto 6 spots (Click me)

📙 Mimaru in Osaka 5 spots (Click me)

Features of MIMARU Apartment Hotels:

MIMARU Introduction

The MIMARU SUITES series, in which all of the rooms are suites with two or more bedrooms,

Why is MIMARU Loved by Everyone?

➡ OTA Platform like Agoda , Booking, Average ratings are Above 9.0

Wide Variety of Room Types

What distinguishes MIMARU from other Japanese hotels?

The biggest difference lies in the layout and functionality of the "Japan apartment-style hotel" rooms. Unlike typical Japanese business hotels with small rooms that are usually less than 20 square meters (even opening a suitcase can be a challenge)

mimaru japan reviews

Distinctions in Service Approach

its housekeeping services differ from those of other hotels. Here, towels are changed and guests' trash is collected daily, and consumable items in the room are replenished

However, daily room cleaning is not provided.
On the fourth, seventh, and tenth day of the guest's stay (excluding the check-in day): bed linen replacement, bed-making service, and floor cleaning .

Following this pattern, the same cleaning services are made every three days after the tenth day.

List of 26 MIMARU Locations Intro

MIMARU Tokyo spots (13 MIMARU + 2 MIMARU Suites)


🛏️Special room: City View Apartment (Sofa-Bed 40㎡) ,Connecting (80㎡)

⭐Just a 3-minute walk from the subway, enjoy the whole day views of the Tokyo metropolis from your room and terrace.

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(2.) Mimaru Tokyo Ginza East

🛏️Special room: Pokémon Room(39㎡)

⭐Head to Tsukiji Market to enjoy delicious food and buy fresh ingredients to cook in your own kitchen!

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(3.) Mimaru Tokyo Shinjuku West

🛏️Special room: (Seasonal)

⭐Especially good for Tokyo marathon runners - start line is 500m away.

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(4.) MIMARU Tokyo Kinshicho

🛏️Special room: Theater Apartment (58㎡)

⭐A hidden gem in Tokyo, this low-key location offers endless Shopping for days on end!

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(5.) Mimaru Tokyo Ueno North

🛏️Special room: Counter kitchen rooms,Baby-Friendly Family (34㎡ )

⭐A little walk down you have Ameyokocho for some shopping ,even walk to Akiba

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(6.) Mimaru Tokyo Ueno East

🛏️Special room: Connecting (78㎡ ),Dog-Friendly(4 Single-Beds), Pokémon Room(40㎡)

⭐A peaceful retreat in the midst of the bustling city, with its main feature being the balcony where guests can sunbathe on a hammock.

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japan apartment hotel mimaru 26 locations intro

(7.) Mimaru Tokyo Ueno Okachimachi

🛏️Special room: Ninja Room(75㎡)

⭐A quiet spot conveniently situated near multiple subway lines, with plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, and bars in the vicinity.

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(8.) Mimaru Tokyo Ueno Inaricho

🛏️Special room: Projector room (Sofa-Bed), Baby Friendly Deluxe (40㎡ )

⭐ Directly faces the Tokyo SkyTree,you can enjoy a full view of the SkyTree from the hotel's entrance.

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(9.) Mimaru Tokyo Station East

🛏️Special room: City View rooms,Connecting (8 Single-Beds)

⭐Just opened at the end of 2022 , perfect for families traveling together to Disneyland.

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(10.) Mimaru Tokyo Hatchobori

🛏️Special room: Connecting (76㎡ ),Theater Rooms, Pokémon Room(38㎡)

Torikizoku resturant is right opposite ,also perfect for families traveling together to Disneyland.

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(11.) Mimaru Tokyo Asakusa Station

🛏️Special room: River View Family Theater rooms.

⭐ Overlooking the Sumida River view , and the roof terrace is beautiful!

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(12.) MIMARU Tokyo Nihombashi Suitengumae

🛏️Special room: Connecting (79㎡ )

⭐ Just a short distance from the T-CAT station, which offers convenient airport bus from/to both Narita and Haneda airports.

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(13.) Mimaru Tokyo Ikebukuro

🛏️Special room: Quintet eSports Room (39㎡ )

⭐ one of the greatest entertainment districts in Tokyo.Best for anime or character stores.

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(14.)Mimaru Tokyo SUITES ASAKUSA

🛏️Special room: Two-Bedroom Theater Suite (63㎡),Dog-Friendly Suite (60㎡ )

⭐Best for running along the river in the morning and roaming around the temple before the crowds

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(15.) Mimaru Tokyo SUITES NIHOMBASHI

🛏️All room: Two-Bedroom Suite (57㎡~59㎡ )

⭐An office district, with a plenty of cafes and izakayas in the vicinity, it tends to be quieter on weekends.

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MIMARU Kyoto spots (4 MIMARU + 2 MIMARU Suites)

Mimaru kyoto locations

(16.) Mimaru Kyoto Station

🛏️Special room: Connecting (76㎡ ), City or Garden view rooms , Pokémon Room(38㎡)

⭐ For travelers who want to explore nearby cities like Nara and Shiga, this is the ideal base in Kyoto.

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(17.) Mimaru Kyoto Nijo Castle

🛏️Special room: Connecting rooms

⭐Close to the World Heritage site, Nijo Castle, and local shopping street, Sanjo Shopping Arcade, is also nearby!

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(18.) Mimaru Kyoto Shinmachi Sanjo

🛏️Special room: Connecting (80㎡ ), Wheelchairs accessible(35㎡ ) , Pokémon Room(40㎡)

⭐A quiet and convenient area where you can explore the surroundings by renting bicycles, and it's just a few steps away from the famous Gion Festival celebration, known for its vibrant summer events!

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(19.) Mimaru Kyoto Nishinotoin Takatsuji

🛏️Special room: Pokémon Room(40㎡),Pokémon room for 6 guests(60㎡),Connecting (80㎡)

⭐Located near bustling district of Kyoto with numerous department stores and a wide range of shops. Additionally, it offer two types of Pokémon-themed rooms.

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(20.) Mimaru Suites Kyoto SHIJO

🛏️Special room:A variety of choices~

Free beer and Japanese sake in the late afternoon , century-old handmade teacups are available for free rental.

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(21.) Mimaru Suites Kyoto Central

🛏️Special room: Three-Bedroom Japanese Suite

⭐MIMARU Suites Kyoto Central officially opened on June 1, 2023, marking the second location of the MIMARU Suites series in Kyoto.

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MIMARU Osaka spots (5 MIMARU )

mimaru osaka location intro

(22.) Mimaru osaka shinsaibashi North

🛏️Special room: Hime-Room,Waka-Room ,Tono-Room ,Ninja Room

⭐There are a wide variety of unique room types to choose from.

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(23.) Mimaru osaka shinsaibashi EAST

🛏️Special room: Theater rooms

⭐ Best for groups who enjoy shopping and alcoholic lifestyle, you can taste Japanese sake and beer.

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(24.) Mimaru Osaka shinsaibashi WEST

🛏️Special room: Connecting (81㎡ ),Theater rooms

⭐ Great location close to many subway entrances,also walking distance from the Dotonbori area.

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(25.) Mimaru Osaka Namba Station

🛏️Special room: Kids' /All-Night Board Game Room(39㎡ ),Werewolf and Murder Mystery Room(59㎡ )

⭐The advantage is its proximity to the Doguyasuji ,and there's no need to transfer trains to get to the airport. It also offers exclusive games for guests to experience.

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(26.) Mimaru Osaka Namba North

🛏️Special room: Pokémon Room(40㎡)

⭐ The nearest to Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi, making them the ideal choice for shopping and strolling in Osaka.

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Which MIMARU locations have

"Pokémon-themed rooms"

2.Mimaru Tokyo Ginza East
4.Mimaru Kyoto Shinmachi Sanjo
5.Mimaru Kyoto Nishinotoin Takatsuji (2 types)
6.Mimaru Osaka Namba North

Which type of travelers would benefit from Mimaru?

  • Fed up with extremely small business hotel in Japan

    Most of the rooms at MIMARU have a floor area of 40 to 80 square meters or more, unlike typical Japanese business hotels where space is often limited, and even opening a suitcase completely on the floor can be a challenge.

  • For families with children:

    Mimaru is perfect for families with children,even traveling with kids aged "0 to 6 years old." They offer room types that are suitable for children, such as tatami rooms, and provide board game rentals. so you don't have to worry about children too much.

  • Staycation and experience the life of urban Japan

    If you're on a family trip, planning a medium to long-term stay, or simply want to experience the lifestyle of urban Japan, staying at Mimaru is highly recommended.

  • Prefer a quiet location in the midst of the city

    Mimaru hotels are often located in quiet alleys, making them perfect for people like you who want convenience in terms of transportation and shopping but prefer to stay away from crowded and noisy areas.

  • Ideal for shopping enthusiasts

    Mimaru is also suitable as a shopping base. By sharing the cost among four to eight shopping enthusiasts, you can save a lot. The hotels are generally not far from subway stations or train stations, so it's convenient to carry your shopping without having to drag your luggage for too long.

  • For traveler with special dietary habits

    One benefit of Mimaru's operation as an Airbnb-style hotel is that you can buy ingredients and prepare your own meals. This is especially useful if you have friends who have unique dietary needs because it eliminates any uncertainty regarding the ingredients used by restaurants meet your requirements.

  • Become a chef and try to meal local ingredients

    Have you ever seen tempting seafood and meat products in Japanese supermarkets but couldn't enjoy them? Mimaru fulfills your wishes! The kitchens are equipped with convenient facilities, allowing you to buy ingredients from nearby stores and cook them yourself.

MIMARU - Japan apartment hotel FAQ

There is a fully equipped kitchen with an induction stove, microwave, and a refrigerator with a freezer. The drawers contain pots, cooking knives, dishes, and utensils. The refrigerator has space for milk and baby food, so there’s no need to worry about not having enough room for fresh groceries.

Like rice cooker, toaster, takoyaki maker, plug adapter, vacuum cleaner, iron, ironing board, blankets, baby gate,Even Over 100 board games available for rent.

MIMARU hotels are close to bus and train stations in the metropolitan area, as well as convenient stores, supermarkets, traditional markets, and department stores nearby.

  • For families with children
  • Experience the life of urban Japan
  • Prefer a quiet location in the midst of the city friends with special dietary habits
  • Ideal for shopping enthusiasts on the last night in Japan
  • For friends with special dietary habits
  • Become a master chef and try different ingredients

I have written Mimaru in 3 big cities 26 spots detailed review! 👇

📙 Mimaru in Tokyo 15 spots (Click me)

📙 Mimaru in Kyoto 6 spots (Click me)

📙 Mimaru in Osaka 5 spots (Click me)


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