Regent Phu Quoc reviews-A hidden gem island resort in Southeast Asia

The Regent Phu Quoc Hotel, nestled amid stunning island landscapes, draws inspiration from providing a tranquil and relaxing vacation ambiance, with every corner designed to capture the scenery. The hotel offers a total of 176 suites and 126 villas, each featuring large floor-to-ceiling windows that allow guests to enjoy the natural views from their rooms."

Regent Phu Quoc reviews

The hotel features 176 suites and 126 villa-style room types. I stay in Regent Phu Quoc for 3 days , 1 day for suites and 2 day for villas rooms, both designed with a blend of traditional Vietnamese aesthetics and elegant modern style.

Regent Phu Quoc creates enchanting and tranquil spaces

What to expect in Regent Phu Quoc ?

  • Sunset Bliss at Regent Phu Quoc

    We stayed at sky pool villa and the private infinity pool is amazing. Do not miss out the beautiful sunset.Travelers can also board the "Serenity" catamaran to indulge in the beautiful seascape.

  • Culinary Delights at resort

    Enjoying a fine meal at Regent Phu Quoc Hotel is a must. Among the many restaurants, Oku is a standout,Rice market all day dining is wonderful. 3 bars enhancing the beauty of the night.

  • Revitalize Your Body and Mind

    You can indulge in healing treatments like the "Tam Quat Reviver," also have a fitness center, meditation room, indoor and outdoor yoga studios for exercise and relaxation.

regent phu quoc reviews in detail.
Regent Phu Quoc Combines the luxury traditions of the Regent brand with the preferences and needs of modern travelers.

Discovering Phu Quoc: Vietnam's Tranquil Island Paradise

Compared to popular Southeast Asian islands like Thailand's Samui or Indonesia's Bali, Phu Quoc Island in the southern part of Vietnam is a hidden gem ,features lush green peaks and 20 unspoiled beaches.

Half of the island is part of Phu Quoc National Park, surrounded by 28 smaller, untouched islands. The natural beauty, free from excessive human intervention, creates a relaxed vacation atmosphere, attracting many luxury hotels, including Regent Phu Quoc Hotel.

Phu Quoc: Vietnam's Tranquil Island Paradise
The entire resort, nestled under the palm trees, exudes a tranquil yet vibrant unique character.

Location and Arrival

"Regent Phu Quoc Hotel" is situated on the southwest coast of Vietnam, adjacent to Long Beach and the United Nations World Biosphere Reserve.
The hotel is approximately a 15-20 minute drive from the airport, and the taxi fare is only $7 USD.

The place is a large resort, very modern design to blend with local traditional landscape, trees, plants, ponds, flowers,fish and pools. A golf cart ride took us to everywhere~

regent phu quoc environment

Room types: Suites and Villas

More than half of the resort is composed of villa complexes, so it's quiet and really healing itself, heaven!

The design of both suites and Villas incorporates elements like wooden structures and woven ceilings, paying tribute to traditional Vietnamese architectural techniques, and the soft beige color palette enhances the soothing ambiance.


The suites come with spacious balconies for comfortable relaxation and offer sea views from within the room. The well-stocked minibar is free and replenished daily too.

regent phu quoc room type : suite


In the separate Villa area, starting from Garden Pool Villas with a minimum size of 36 square meters, each Villa features a spacious living room, kitchen, bedroom area, and a private pool with loungers, providing guests with their own private sanctuary.

For families or groups of friends traveling together, the Villas offer choices ranging from one-bedroom to several-bedroom options, with some Villas even having direct beach access, allowing guests to return to their rooms easily after a swim.

⭐Sky Pool Villas

It's worth mentioning that the hotel offers specially designed Sky Pool Villas of approximately 50 square meters. These villas not only feature strong functionality but also come with a private infinity pool and a balcony with sea views. They cater to a high-end group or family(above 4 people) seeking undisturbed and highly private vacation spaces in the post-pandemic era.

SKY POOL VILLA in regent phu quoc
SKY POOL VILLA private pool
SKY POOL VILLA also have oven and kitchen

Room Overview

The interior color palette is primarily in beige tones, creating a soft and elegant style. It is complemented by elements such as wooden structures, volcanic stone floors, and woven ceilings, paying tribute to traditional Vietnamese architectural methods and decorative elements.


The mini bar refrigerator is replenished daily with a variety of drinks, including alcoholic beer and sparkling water, sodas ,snacks(such as dried fruits and fish crackers) , and more non-alcoholic beverages .

The attentive staff soon recognized my preference for sparkling water, and from the second day onwards, they started including extra bottles in the daily restocking.

regent phu quoc room free mini bar
Free mini bar replenished daily


The hotel provides guests with three pieces of laundry and ironing every night, all of which are complimentary!

regent phu quoc offer Free daily laundry
Free daily laundry and pressing for three items per room.

Bathroom Amenities

The hotel's amenities are my favorite: Acqua di Parma. 😍😍😍 Toothbrushes, toothpaste, slippers, and more, you can tell they put a lot of thought into it.

regent phu quoc BEACH POOL VILLA

Dining Restaurant

Exquisite dining is also one of the highlights of this exquisite hotel: a club, two restaurants, and three bars and even club lounge... provide guests with a variety of dining experiences in different styles.

Oku dining with a fusion of Japanese, French, Chinese, and Vietnamese culinary styles

Among these restaurants, Oku is a standout. supervised by Chef Andy Huynh, formerly of the renowned Nobu restaurant in the United States, offer an exquisite and upscale restaurant, combines the essence of Japanese and French cuisine to create a harmonious dining experience.

Oku combines luxurious ingredients like Japanese A5 wagyu with culinary techniques from Japanese and French cuisines, creating dishes that are not only delicious but also unique.

Rice Market - All day dining

I tried Rice Market breakfast buffet, lunch, and dinner. Every meal was worthwhile! The food is delicious. I appreciate the restaurant's cleanliness. The kitchen works hard to make the food look appealing. And I will share my breakfast experience later.

regent phu quoc restaurant reviews
You can enjoy meal outside in the garden

Ocean Club

"Fronting the beach, the breezy Ocean Club serves Mediterranean-tinged comfort food—pizzas, pastas, the works—and seafood platters heaving with Phu Quoc lobster, king prawns, and oysters with yuzu gel and coconut tabasco.

We had a fantastic lunch here with a Wagyu beef burger and Chicken pizza, and you can also enjoy a wonderful seafood BBQ evening."

regent phu quoc ocean view restaurant

3 distinct bars within the hotel

After a satisfying meal, take a leisurely walk to the nearby and enchanting Bar for expertly crafted cocktails., enhancing the beauty of the night with the catalyzing effect of alcohol.

Quite a hidden gem inside the resort "Bar Jade" adopts a speakeasy concept and is tucked away in a mysterious corner of the resort. The bar menu draws inspiration from local herbs, fruits, and ingredients, creating unique drinks rich in local flavors.

"Fu Bar" located by the rooftop outdoor pool specializes in signature cocktails based on vodka, providing guests with a drinking experience under the sun, sunset, and starry skies.

The "Lobby Lounge" situated in the hotel lobby emphasizes a luxurious ambiance, inviting travelers to enjoy local craft spirits surrounded by carefully curated artworks.

Bar Jade inregent phu quoc
Bar Jade - a speakeasy cocktail bar is certainly one of my favorite spaces at Regent Phu Quoc. Definitely worth a drink

Breakfast reviews

Breakfast at Rice Market is a delightful experience that caters to everyone. This restaurant offers a diverse array of options within a spacious and varied dining environment. You can choose dishes such as succulent steak, eggs Benedict, and flavorful rice noodles.

You'll find approximately 20 types of various beverages, including alcohol, fruit juices, and soda – a truly generous offering.

regent phu quoc breakfast in Rice Market
At Rice Market, the emphasis is on the quality rather than quantity of dishes.

You can place orders by simply mentioning the dish's name, and the attentive staff prioritize your requests.

Some of the hot dishes may require a bit of waiting, given their popularity. Additionally, you have the opportunity to engage with the chefs, who are happy to share insights about the cuisine they prepare and ensure your dining experience is exceptional.

regent phu quoc breakfast reviews

Hotel Activities & Services

Guests can participate in a variety of complimentary and paid activities, ensuring that they are never bored. We tried morning yoga and an afternoon singing bowl meditation session during our stay.

There are also options such as kayaking and snorkeling.

Especially during sunset,catamaran is an absolute must !

If you're on your honeymoon,taking a trip on the hotel's exclusive "Serenity" catamaran is an absolute must, especially during sunset. As the sun sets over the ocean, sailing slowly on this catamaran while sipping the meticulously prepared champagne from the hotel creates moments of delightful intoxication.

Revitalize Your Body and Mind

It's also the perfect opportunity to enhance your body and mind. The hotel features a comprehensive fitness center, meditation room, indoor and outdoor yoga studios for exercise and relaxation.

Additionally, in the tropical ambiance of The Spa, you can indulge in healing treatments like the "Tam Quat Reviver," which combines Vietnamese massage techniques, or the "Nourishing Glow Scrub" using locally sourced organic pepper for exfoliation, providing a complete relaxation experience.

regent phu quoc facilities review

Hotel's spa services are also exceptional. Guests can customize personalized wellness programs under the guidance of expert.

Regent Club Experience with IHG Lounge Access

For a total of 40 room nights with IHG, you will earn milestone rewards, and one of the options is to choose the Club Lounge Access as your reward.

And right next to the lounge is the Sky Pool – an infinity pool where you can swim before or after your meal.

regent phu quoc infinite pool
Regent Phu Quoc also has infinite pool ocean sunset~

Because of the IHG lounge pass, we were directed to check in at the Regent Club, and it happened to be during afternoon tea time. We dove right into it!

After the staff explained the lounge privileges, we realized this was a top-notch lounge. You can order anything from the menu, including beef truffle, grilled prawns, ramen, salads, panino, toast, ice cream, and more.

The Regent Club presents a range of dishes available throughout the day. The beef pho (with wagyu and truffle) at the club was the best beef pho I ever had!

As the steaming broth was poured, the raw beef began to cook, filling the air with the delightful scent of truffles. The broth itself was rich and flavorful, creating a perfect harmony of ingredients.

Service: Did I feel genuinely welcomed by the staff?

The staff spoke English, which made it easy to communicate with them.And I was really impressed with the attention to detail. (Airport transfers, complimentary in-room refreshments, breakfast included, laundry service, etc.)

As you'd expect from a luxury hotel that strives to go above and beyond 5-star service, you'll be asked "Would you like to sit at the same table as yesterday?" at breakfast, and if you're by the pool with your camera, you'll be handed a lens cleaner without asking.

Once you're on the site, you'll realize that there are more services you can enjoy during your stay than you can imagine.

Is it suitable for children?

Regent Kids is the largest and most modern playground on the island. It's like they designed and planned it specifically for parents who want to have a vacation without worrying about their kids. 🏖️👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

regent phu quoc kid club reviews
Regent Phu Quoc kid club is beyond your expectation!

Regent Phu Quoci FAQ

  • Free breakfast at Rice Market restaurant.
  • Free mini bar (refreshment pantry) offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as snacks, replenished daily.
  • Free daily laundry and pressing for 3 items per room.
  • 4 swimming pools, including a rooftop infinity pool overlooking the sea.
  • Regent Kids (children’s playground), the largest and most modern children playground on the island.

Overall,  the hotel is fantastic. creates a stunning luxury accommodation that leaves guests perfect for a vacation! Massages in Phu Quoc are very affordable, The food is delicious.

  1. For me , the room pool doesn’t get direct sunlight, so the humidity is quite high. There’s a dehumidifier in the room that I kept running all day.
  2. Crowded “Instagrammable” Beach: While the hotel’s beach looks picturesque, it was crowded with Instagrammers who could be invasive, even to the extent of removing your clothing from sun loungers to get a perfect shot.


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