Six Senses Rome reviews : Relax and Rejuvenate Spa at the Newly Opened Oasis”

The first establishment in Italy, "Six Senses Rome," is a hotel filled with historic architecture and local elements, allowing guests to fully experience the charm of a UNESCO World Heritage site.Suitable for those looking for a mix of wellness and culture thanks to the spectacular location.

Reasons to live in Six Senses Rome

Six Senses is now part of the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) and has been selected by National Geographic magazine as one of the "Top 25 Luxury Eco Lodges" globally. Currently, it has established 24 Hotels & Resorts worldwide. What makes Six Senses so appealing is……

What to expect ?

  • A focus on wellness and sustainability

    Six Senses Hotel is dedicated to highlighting the unique characteristics of each country, therefore, spa and Roman baths will be essential elements within the hotel, aligned with our health philosophy.

  • Roman Bath experience

    Spa center features a unique 60-minute Roman Bath experience,Including hammam with healing herbs ,Roman baths in a modern setting, detox programs. fitness room, yoga, biohacking, meditations, etc.

  • Interior design by architect Patricia Urquiola

    The interior design, overseen by architect Patricia Urquiola, seamlessly blends classical architecture with modern style. The lobby is adorned with limestone, oak, and bronze( Ancient Roman).

Exploring the New Six Senses Rome
"Six Senses Rome : Your Oasis of Relaxation in the Heart of the City"
  • The spa is pretty much fully booked and you have to book well in advance.
  • A little less choices  for dinner and drinks , so I recommend go outside to eat! and room menu is very limited.

What sets Six Senses Rome apart from the countless 5-star hotel in Rome ?

There are endless 5 star hotel options in Rome, and this new one add incredible offering for travelers looking for zen fabulousness!

Its emphasis on the six senses of human well-being: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and heart. Each location is carefully chosen to incorporate the unique natural beauty of the area, combined with the group's personalized design, offering a travel experience that is both authentic and elegant.

Moreover, Six Senses is committed to maintaining a healthy and sustainable ecological model in each of its locations.

Six Senses Rome Spa Facilities reviews

Upon arrival

Stepping into the grand lobby of Six Senses Rome, you find yourself in vacation mode—"Immersed in the magnificent Palace of Six Senses Rome"

The opulent surroundings with warm tones, lush greenery, and vibrant flowers create a relaxing space. Next, your attention is drawn to the staircase, a stunning marble masterpiece that will surely make you abandon the convenience of the elevator for a moment and want to capture the beauty in a photograph.

Six Senses Rome luxury design
From the lobby to the staircase, every aspect of Six Senses Rome exudes an atmosphere of luxury and grandeur, making you feel as if you are in a magnificent palace.

The Rooms

Room Feature

In total, the Six Senses Rome has 96 rooms and suites in 12 different room categories, including three individually designed suites. From the 28 square meter Classic Room to the two-bedroom suite with 126 square meters of living space.Rooms' design feature high ceilings and unique layouts, reflecting the historical heritage of the building.

Suite rooms overlook the nearby Church of San Marcello al Corso.

Six Senses Rome Deluxe Junior Suite intro
Deluxe Junior Suite

Room Selection

If you want to create unforgettable memories with your family or friends, consider staying in the Two Bedroom Mellini Suite with its beautiful balcony or the Two Bedroom Lata Suite with an outdoor terrace perfect for hosting small parties, allowing you to fill your Roman nights with unforgettable moments.

Two Bedroom Lata Suite
Two Bedroom Lata Suite reviews

Sleep-Enhanced bed

Moreover, rooms are designed to reduce the negative effects of changing time zones (jet lag) , offers a range of features, The room was cozy, and the homemade Naturalmat bed was extremely comfortable. and a selection of pillows, sprays, and tonics, all designed to ensure you enjoy a restful night's sleep!

In daytime,with ample natural light, intricate ceiling designs, and vintage bay windows, they create a relaxed and comfortable vacation atmosphere.

Spa Center-My Blissful Retreat experience

Six Senses is world-famous for its spas - and the first spot in Italy is no exception.

The hotel's spa center features a unique 60-minute Roman Bath experience. It involves a gradual change in temperature through three different baths: a hot bath(caldarium) , a warm bath(tepidarium), and a cold bath(frigidarium).

Six Senses' expertise in spa services, it is certainly one of the highlights of this debut resort in Rome/Italy.

This treatment helps alleviate inflammation and speed up in muscle recovery for travelers by an array of therapeutic treatments.

Six Senses Rome spa & wellness reviews

My Practical Spa Experience

1.The large pool is about 17 (°C) , and the small pool is only 38 (°C) .
2.The special thing is attached ice cubes for you to bring into the sauna or steam room.
3.In the SPA room, I felt incredibly relaxed with sound therapy using singing bowls before and after the massage.

Six Senses Rome spa singing bowls

In reality ,Throughout the entire treatment, professional spa therapists will use products from renowned brands such as 「Biologique Recherche」 from France, the niche Italian skincare brand 「Seed to Skin」, the British organic skincare brand「 Organic Pharmacy」, and the Australian skincare brand 「Subtle Energy」. This allows you to fully relax and your skin pores immersed in the soothing steam.

six senses rome spa intro
You should treat yourself to a break here and shake off the stress of everyday life with an extensive bathing cycle

Additional Services

In addition to the Golden Aura facial and invigorating Kundalini yoga session, hotel had a great time experimenting with various biohacking tools. These included leg compression devices, a back massager, and a collagen-boosting face mask – all aimed at helping us feel refreshed and appear as young as the ancient sites we visited!

Dining at Six Senses Rome

Located on the first floor, the BIVIUM restaurant offers a taste of local Roman cuisine, featuring an open kitchen, a deli area, an oven, and an outdoor terrace.

Additionally, the NOTOS rooftop terrace allows you to savor delicious snacks and creative drinks while enjoying a 360-degree view of the city of Rome. It is also an excellent place for gatherings with friends and sunrise yoga.


BIVIUM has a fun and funky indoor/outdoor vibe, with its marketplace interior and circular bar that leads to a pretty terrace. Along with amazing pasta cacio e pepe and pizza!


Enjoy a healthy breakfast at BIVIUM featuring a rich selection of local and natural dishes made with seasonal, organic ingredients.

BIVIUM Restaurant-Café-Bar REVIEWS

I can't find words that convey the breakfast time atmosphere. The light that enters the space in the form of sunlight. It creates more complex vertical lines in the image.

Ice cream shop, bar, bistro and the beautiful wine experience cannot be missed.

BIVIUM Restaurant-Café-Bar reviews

NOTOS Rooftop (open only on good weather days)

The rooftop bar, which is surrounded by fragrant herb gardens, is a great addition that provides a stunning sunset view.It helps travelers to unwind after a long day by combining exquisite cuisine with the beauty of Rome.

Six Senses Rome NOTOS Rooftop reviews

The seasonal food menu will be based on vegetables grown in the natural plants and courtyard gardens, complemented by homemade bitters, tincture, allowing you to enjoy both health and flavor in one go. Chef also adds a Sicilian twist to beautiful sea bass and octopus too. I also loved that the menu offered many healthy options with detox juices.

Six Senses Rome rooftop food reviews
After a day of travel, indulge in delicious cuisine to rejuvenate body and soul.

Hotel décor, and WOW factor

The interior design of the ancient palace is overseen by architect Patricia Urquiola, seamlessly blends classical architecture with modern style. From the commonly used Cocciopesto plaster of the ancient Roman Empire to the extensive use of local stone.

In some of the guest rooms' terraces, you'll find marble lounging seats inspired by the Triclinium style of the ancient Roman era, along with charming small balcony areas, creating a sense of relaxed vacation and personal privacy.

Six Senses Rome wow factor

What if you're traveling with a child?

Families traveling together will especially appreciate the Six Senses Rome Family Suite, which offers plenty of space, kid-friendly amenities, and even a secret passageway!

The hotel also provides the Six Senses Kids program, which offers a variety of entertaining events and activities to ensure that the little ones enjoy their stay just as much as the adults do:)

By the way, when you are coming as a family with a child. They have in the bathroom a welcome kit for the kids, with toiletries and a bathrobe,this is so special and makes the whole experience super nice.

Six Senses Rome Location

The new hidden gem in a perfectly central location in Rome.

Located in a prime area with historical elements everywhere, even next to San Marcello al Corso church. it allows for a complete immersion in the tranquility and beauty of the Heritage site.

Walking to famous attractions such as the Pantheon takes about 6 minutes, and it's just a 5-minute walk to the Trevi Fountain and shopping areas including high end boutiques. , making it very convenient for travelers to plan their itinerary.

w rome hotel naer Spanish Steps,Trevi, and Pantheon

Six Senses Rome FAQ

  • ✔️ hammam with healing herbs and sensory immersions in the “Alchemy” pool
  • ✔️ Roman baths in a modern setting
  • ✔️ detox programs
  • ✔️ fitness room
  • ✔️ yoga, biohacking, meditations, etc.

The hotel overall has an amazing calming and luxurious ambiance with an excellent location with most of the “famous” attractions at walking distance,especially is located next to San Marcello al Corso church.

Suite room with a terrace with a view of the famous roofs and church spiers of Rome!

You can hire a personal trainer, biohacking consultation
The hotel offers unique excursions, painting lessons and aperitif master classes.


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