V Villas Phuket – MGallery: 2021 new Private Pool Villas , Instagram-worthy Bar.

How can you come to Phuket without staying at a Villa? v villas phuket - mgallery is the newly opened villa in Phuket there are only 19 private, self-contained villas in the entire resort.Everything just phenomenal and top notch from arrival until departure.

V Villas Phuket - MGallery reviews

After exploring various destinations in Phuket, one place has truly captured our hearts – V Villas Phuket - MGallery (2021 new opened).

Everything in this resort was above and beyond,from the friendly most professional staff to the beauty of the villas to the serenity of the place.

What to expect in V Villas Phuket - MGallery ?

  • Villa with the 100% private pool

    Modern, meticulous design and 100 privacy—The rooms are separated by a green garden that resembles a maze, providing a high level of privacy.

  • Butler service

    Each villa offers personalized 24-hour butler service, meaning that whatever you wish to do, the butler will go above and beyond to make it happen for you!

  • Best sunset at AKOYA Star Lounge !

    The rooftop is unbelievable especially before sunset. Drink during the golden hour, with panoramic sea view unobstructed from high above.

"A Sanctuary of Elegance: V Villas Phuket - MGallery"
v villas phuket - mgallery is designed along the bay with a superb view of the entire bay.

Location and Arrival

V Villas Phuket - MGallery is situated on the hillside of Rawai Beach, on the southeastern peninsula of Phuket. While it might be situated a bit away from the bustling center, the journey to reach this haven is rewarding.

When I arrive v villas phuket

Although the reception lobby isn't particularly spacious, the overall design exudes a sense of quality, and the service is exceptionally warm and friendly. and upon entering, you're greeted with a comfortable sofa lounge juxtaposed with the panoramic sea view through floor-to-ceiling windows. It feels as if the ocean is right in front of you, yet separated by a sheer veil.

V Villas Phuket location and arrvial
The restaurant and bar are situated on the same floor,This area serves as both the dinner and breakfast venue for guests.

Elegant and Outstanding Service by the Staff!

The staff members here seem to be carefully selected, with the butlers being quite handsome and the female staff members also quite attractive. However, of course, the main factor is their excellent service attitude, which undeniably enhances the overall experience.

Villas and Rooms

The accommodation at v villas phuket-MGallery consists of 19 individual villas,each room has a unique height and offers a exclusive sea view. These villas divide into 3 room types, catering to couples or groups.

100% privacy with expansive Windows

The villa's walls are almost windows, allowing abundant sunlight to illuminate the room space,creating a wonderfully bright atmosphere.

One remarkable point of V Villas Phuket - MGallery that left a strong impression on me is the incredible level of privacy it offers.
To be honest, throughout my stay, I rarely encountered other guests even though the resort was completely booked (100% occupancy rate for our stay days).

Spacious and Interconnected room areas

The arrangement of the villa's primary areas comprises the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and dressing room, with a roughly equal proportion of 1:1:1:1.Each space is quite spacious and interconnected, making it convenient to move from one area to another!

Welcome Treats Await

While the double bed may not be exceptionally large, it's quite comfortable to lie on. A pair of teddy bears on the bed serves as a gift for the guests!

V Villas Phuket BED

As soon as we entered the room, the air conditioning was already prepared, and they also provided us with some welcome snacks to enjoy.

Indulge in Paradise: V Villas Phuket - MGallery Experience"

Facilities in room

Private pool with breathtaking views

Each individual villa also comes with its own private pool.

The private infinity pool ocean view is incredibly stunning. Visually, it seems to seamlessly blend with the sea's horizon. With breathtaking views and spacious decks and loungers for daytime relaxation and enjoyment with loved ones.

v villas phuket - mgallery 100% private pool
v villas phuket - mgallery : Private pool with breathtaking views


The bathroom is nearly as spacious as the room itself, a double sink, with ample natural light streaming in. The provided amenities are also abundant and comprehensive, including items like bubble bath, exfoliating gloves, and more.

The bathtub is a spacious double whirlpool bathtub,there are even a few rubber duckies placed, adding a cute and playful element.

V Villas Phuket room facilities reviews

Dressing room

An extremely spacious dressing room here, almost the same size as the living room. It can accommodate a lot of luggage and clothing. Basic amenities like an iron, ironing board, weighing scale,slippers and bathrobe are all provided. Additionally, there's a large full-length mirror in this area.


They provide a Nespresso capsule coffee machine, Dilmah tea bags, and a wide range of beverages, ensuring all your drink preferences are catered for.

Although The minibar here is stocked with a wide variety of items, but it's important to remember that everything comes with a charge. They even have condoms prepared, showing how thoughtful their attention to detail is!

Personal butler and staffs service

You can inform your personal butler in advance about any planned activities or outings, and they'll arrange for a golf cart to pick you up promptly. From arranging boat tours to beach picnics, I feel the villa team is committed to providing thoughtful service.

I'm truly grateful for the butler's exceptional service, quick responses, and consistent smiles. He even arranges room cleanings whenever we step out of the villa. Especially he asked us about the coffee preference and brew with our preferred taste. Very impressive 💕

Staff members drive golf carts for all transportation within the resort.

Restaurant and Bar

Let’s have sunset BBQ at AKOYA Star Lounge!

The rooftop is unbelievable especially before sunset,with the wide range of wine selection and BBQ was also amazing.

sunset BBQ at AKOYA Star Lounge!

I was surprised that the rooftop open-air bar was even more spectacular. The unobstructed panoramic sea view from high above is truly breathtaking! Especially on clear days, the seamless blend of sea and sky is so soothing that it makes you want to scream in delight!

v villas phuket - mgallery SUNSET BAR
Phuket's top bar is undoubtedly "V Villas Phuket - MGallery."

Upon entering the first instinct is, of course, to find a comfortable sofa and simply lounge there for the afternoon.


The breakfast buffet was diverse and healthy, featuring a range of options. Each day started with fresh local fruits and unlimited cappuccino.
Additionally, they thoughtfully offered halal options for Muslim guests.

The food quality pleasantly surprised me, especially considering the reasonable price. The combination of delicious dishes and the stunning view made it truly worthwhile ❤️.

In addition, the design of the resort's restaurants is also fantastic, with a view overlooking the sea. You can enjoy the sunlight without being too overwhelmed, as the natural light is abundant. Even in open spaces, it doesn't feel hot at all.
Of course, for those who enjoy the sunlight, there is also an outdoor dining area with comfortable sofas.

Afternoon tea

The afternoon tea set is truly abundant, and I found the desserts to be delicate and not overly sweet!

Floating breakfast (Additional)

Be sure to indulge in the option of adding a floating breakfast – a delightful experience that combines both taste and beauty. Your butler will inquire in advance about your preferred meal choices.

Facilities & Services

The gym and spa buildings are architecturally designed with a sense of style, featuring skylights above that provide both natural light and temperature control.

The gym isn't particularly large, but it's well-equipped with a variety of fitness equipment. With floor-to-ceiling windows offering views of both the mountains and the sea, the overall ambiance is quite pleasant.

Yoga instructor is fantastic! Most Yoga classes are included in the hotel stay, worth trying.


The Verdict

Phuket's top bar is undoubtedly "V Villas Phuket - MGallery." Lounging on the sofa, relishing the breathtaking sea view, with a delightful cocktail in hand— who can argue that this isn't the most picturesque scene of a vacation? At least in that moment, we all felt that way.

V villas phuket - mgallery FAQ

  • 2021 new open luxury villa.
  • 19 villas, each equipped with its own private swimming pool and 24-hour personal butler! The villa with the 100% private pool. spaces with incredible views out over the bay.
  • At sunset, you must go rooftop Akoya Star Lounge,is a different story. Situated at the highest point of the resort, the experience is truly unique. It could be an ideal spot for a romantic proposal to your loved one.

Yes,villa provides Roundtrip airport shuttle (surcharge). 

We arrived by taking the shuttle provided by V Villas Phuket. The shuttle was well-prepared with bottled mineral water for us to enjoy during the journey.

In fact, v villas phuket – m gallery attract a lot of Arabic guests,and they provided us halal option for Muslims.

Three Bedroom Sea View Villa can accommodate 6 adults. 

 Suitable for a family or a large group of friends who come to travel or celebrate together. This villa is 360 square meters. The second bedroom will be on the upper floor and the third bedroom will be on the lower floor. Each bedroom will have a large bed and an en-suite bathroom. This villa will have a swimming pool and an outside terrace for sunbathing with a view of the sea in the corner.


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