W Rome Hotel Reviews: A New luxury Oasis in Rome’s Historic city.(2021 opened)

The main reason I chose "W Rome" was because it was located in the city and had good access to various tourist spots. Even though the structure has a sense of history, this is 2021 December brand new hotel. Another appeal was that the hotel had a wide range of facilities, including a restaurant, gym, and pool. In fact, all the staff were bright, polite, and pleasant, so I can recommend this hotel.

Reasons to Choose W Rome Hotel

What to expect ?

"W Rome Hotel: An In-Depth Review of Luxury and Style"

Location and Arrival

It's conveniently located near popular tourist attractions, making it ideal for leisurely strolls. Iconic landmarks like the Trevi Fountain are just a short walk away. You'll find a variety of restaurants and small supermarkets in the vicinity, ensuring easy access to dining options.

If you arrive by plane ,It was about 40 minutes by taxi from the airport.

W Rome location
W Rome is a splendid palace-like building that gives you a sense of history, and the hotel logo "W" can be seen in the corner, making it easy to understand.

The hotel is near the main road, so it's not pitch dark even at night, and there are people walking their dogs, provides a sense of security.

Additionally, being one street away from the main road ensures a tranquil atmosphere. Surprisingly, the area surrounding the hotel is well-maintained ! (Alothough Rome is generally dirty with trash on the streets)

w rome hotel naer Spanish Steps,Trevi, and Pantheon
Spanish Steps, and Pantheon,and Trevi fountain are near W Rome hotel

When I arrive W Rome hotel

The road near the entrance is narrow and cars are always parked, giving it a slightly cluttered impression.

w rome hotel location reviews

As soon as you arrive,you'll feel confident that you've made the right hotel choice!!. From the elegant marble floors to the intricate crown moldings, the exquisite craftsmanship within these walls is truly spectacular and prominently showcased.

The lobby

The lobby was spacious and had plenty of sofas and chairs, so guests could always sit and relax.There are only 3 front counters and it is small.

w rome hotel intro

The Staff

The staff is multilingual. Italian, English,French and Spanish left me feeling quite comfortable as I made my way through the hotel and its staff. truly made our stay here feel at home.

The Rooms

The hotel features a total of 147 rooms, which also includes 15 exquisite suites. You have a variety of room options to suit your preferences. Some room types come with balconies or spacious outdoor terraces, while others feature the added luxury of a bathtub.

w rome hotel room intro
room type intro

*There are 2 things to keep in mind when choosing room types!

1. The basic type of rooms(FABULOUS ROOM) was small, so it was a bit challenging to keep suitcase opend while walking around.

w rome hotel FABULOUS ROOM
FABULOUS ROOM is the basic room in W Rome!

2. If you are experiencing any jet lag or go to bed early : ask *not* to be placed in a courtyard-facing room. Because in the evenings until about 11 PM there is a daily DJ and it’s impossible to sleep.

W Rome garden
If you choose garden view room. you can look up seeing the sky, but you can't see the city or anything outside.

My room bed was king size and the linens were clean and I was able to sleep comfortably.There are hard and with the fluffiest pillows available, so it was nice to be able to use it according to my preference.

I'm a bit of a clean freak, but the cleaning was done to the smallest detail and I felt cozy. In the evening, the staff will always come to check on you and ask: ``Is the cleaning complete?'' Is there anything you need to do?'' If there are any issues, you can let them know.

Room Amenities

Both sides of the bed with a BOSE Bluetooth speaker, TV remote control, telephone, mineral water, etc. The headboard also has an outlet and a USB port, so you can charge it at your bedside.

Cups and Illy coffee capsules were provided. There are also two decaf capsules. The espresso is quite strong, so it may be too strong for people who are used to American coffee.

Also a minibar with alcohol and snacks (for a fee), as well as a Mocha Express (Mocha Pot). However, the minibar was quite expensive, so I think it would be better to buy it at the supermarket.

The room and the hotel are very well-equipped. Every time I asked for something, there was a solution: luggage scale, iron, hair straightener, and so on. and that is true luxury. Everything requested in the room arrived promptly.


The wash basin had a mirror with an LED light and an arm mirror, so it was bright. The shower room and toilet are separated by a glass door, so water won't splash into the toilet. There are two types of showers in the shower room: a rain shower from above and a height-adjustable/removable hand shower.

w rome HOTEL room intro

Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap from the Italian brand MOMO.My hair became smooth and I loved it. Moreover,water pressure was fine and temperature adjustment was easy.

The hair dryer was a Dyson.

W Rome room amenities

Hotel Facilities

Rooftop pool

There was an outdoor pool on the roof of the hotel. This pool is relatively shallow, so I think even children can use it. On the other hand, it may be too narrow and shallow for people who want to swim.

There is also a bar by the pool where you can order drinks. We really enjoyed the pizza on the rooftop patio.There are gazebos, table sets, deck chairs, etc. by the pool, so it would be nice to sit here and relax.

w rome Hotel Facilities ​
Seu Pizza con Vista offers cocktails, crudo and pizza~

There are many beautiful flowers and ornamental plants on the rooftop, so I think it would be great for photos.

Rooftop view

24 hours gym

There is also a fitness gym on site, which you can use it 24 hours .It was a wonderful and different space with an interior concept that felt like being inside a cave.

Each zone of equipment booth is separated, so you can concentrate on your exercise.Towels, water, apples, etc. were also available in the gym.

w rome HOTEL fitness center
lots of new machines and weights and with multiple cardio machines, dumbells, kettlebells, the latest equipment.

Also you can bring sneakers ,enjoyed running at Villa Borghese which is less than 5 mile away.

Villa Borghese has a unique Italian charm that differs from the typical impression.


Platinum and Titanium members enjoyed complimentary breakfast. ( it was very good and reasonably priced.)
Breakfast's a la carte menu is wonderful with a selection of Italian cold meats, cheese and fruits,I recommend try the parmesan omelette!

One of the chef's had two Michelin stars experience. The food was amazing and the service was one of the best I have encountered in a while. Top notch.

Giano, the on-site restaurant, offers a contemporary Sicilian cuisine. However, the real gem is the aperitivo starting at 6 pm, featuring Sicilian street food specialties paired with local cocktails.The atmosphere is elevated by a live DJ soundtrack and a casually dressed staff~

As earlier mentioned garden atmosphere is elevated by a live DJ until midnight
w rome HOTEL restaurant decor


W Lounge Bar is energized by live music, DJ performances and the art of crafting cocktails.

w rome HOTEL BAR

The bartender skillfully crafts the most creatively curated cocktails tailored to your preferences.

Whether you fancy a ginger-infused twist on an old-fashioned (enhanced with a touch of saline for that extra gingery pop), an blend of sambuca, bergamot grapefruit, pink pepper, tonic water, jasmine verte, and pomelo, or simply a classic campari with grapefruit and lemon, he's got you covered.

In Summary

The interior design and paintings inside the hotel are all wonderful, and the overall atmosphere is sophisticated and caters to adult. The facilities, including the gym and pool are clean and safe to use, which is certainly a significant advantage. Best of all, the staff was wonderful.

However, one thing to consider when deciding where to stay is that the DJ music is relatively loud and can be heard until midnight. If you have a room facing the terrace facing the courtyard, you can hear heavy bass even if the windows are closed. We knew this in advance so didn't need to change room, but I can't recommend it to anyone who would be uncomfortable with that.

W Rome FAQ

  • W Rome mean a Dolce Vita.
  • New Hotel with Historic Charm(opened 2021).
  • Quiet area but still good location for attractions.
  • Some room types come with balconies or spacious outdoor terraces(bigger than balcony).

It’s close to tourist spots like Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Colosseum – all are within a quick 5-15 minute walk. Very close to the Metro station for a trip to the Vatican.

The pool is shallow and smalll, but it provided a refreshing oasis.There is also a bar by the pool where you can order drinks.(SEU PIZZA CON VISTA)


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